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Zoo Med Daylight Lighting

6 results

Zoo Med NatureSun Full Spectrum Daylight Bulbs

As low as $14.99
Full color spectrum daylight fluorescent lamp for herptilesEasily recreate natural daylight conditions in reptile habitatsProvides lower UV lighting for reptiles, amphibians & more View herptiles under natural daylight conditions to bring out their true colors. Zoo Med NatureSun Bulbs (lamps) are full color spectrum daylight fluorescent lamps with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 98. ...
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Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic Fluorescent Bulbs

As low as $11.99
High intensity trichromatic 6500K fluorescent lamp for aquarium use Excellent color rendition delivers optimum viewing of aquarium life T-8 (1" dia) full spectrum daylight lamp great for fresh & saltwater aquariums WattsLengthDiameter1518"T-81724"T-82536"T-83248"T-8 Ultra Sun bulbs are the ideal choice for any aquarium setting where maximum daylight simulation is required. Promotes ...
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Zoo Med Tropic Sun Fluorescent Bulbs

As low as $5.49
Economically priced 5500K fluorescent lamp for aquarium light fixtures Full spectrum fluorescent aquarium lighting simulates natural sunlight T-8 (1" dia) daylight lamp ideal for freshwater aquarium fish and live plants WattsLengthDiameter1518"T-81724"T-82536"T-83248"T-8 This long lasting 5500°K standard intensity daylight bulb simulates natural sunlight and brings out the beauty of aquarium ...
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Zoo Med Ultra Sun Super Daylight T5 HO Lamps

As low as $9.49
Simulate daylight conditions in fresh or saltwater aquarium6,500°K aquarium lamp boasts new fluorescent lamp technology5/8" T5 lamp provides aquarium with more light output than T8s Recreate bright daylight conditions in aquariums with the latest in fluorescent lamp technology. Zoo Med Laboratories Ultra Sun Super Daylight T5 HO Lamps boast thinner diameter AND high light output for smart ...
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Zoo Med Incandescent Daylight Blue Reptile Bulbs

As low as $4.99
Uncoated blue glass bulb enables ideal heat transfer and a full spectrum of light An excellent heat source for your reptile or amphibian UVA helps stimulate normal feeding behavior An excellent source of daytime heat, Daylight Blue Reptile Bulbs offer the UVA needed to stimulate normal feeding behavior in reptiles and amphibians. The uncoated blue glass enables better heat transfer ...
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Zoo Med Reef Sun Fluorescent Bulbs

As low as $10.99
Standard T-8 (1" dia) lamp for fluorescent aquarium light fixtures Illuminates aquariums with 6500K daylight & 420nm actinic light Supports photosynthetic corals while enhancing aquarium views WattsLengthDiameter1518"T-81724"T-82536"T-83248"T-8 Reef Sun fluorescent lamps feature a 50/50 combination of 6500°K trichromatic daylight phosphor and actinic 420 phosphor. The result is ...
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