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Woven Fiber Toy

4 results

Calypso Creations Confetti Kazoo Bird Toy

As low as $7.99
Engaging bird toy stuffed with bright paper to preen & dismantle Bundled, refillable coconut fibers provide natural material for nest building Perfect size for small to medium size birds to shred, pluck, preen & unravel Give your bird a fun kazoo to play with! Bundled, refillable coconut fibers satisfy natural preening and plucking urges while providing natural material for nest ...
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Planet Pleasures Shredder Ball Bird Toys

As low as $7.99
Toys are braided and hand woven into a myriad of shapes Unique, interesting toys are ideal for shredding instincts Easy-grip surfaces are great for letting birds forage Entice your bird into play with this toy's hand woven, eye-catching shapes. Shredder Ball Bird Toys satisfy your bird's preening, shredding and foraging instincts. Feel free to stick small nuts or treats into ...
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Nature's Treasure Foot Toys

As low as $2.99
Natural bird foot toy with an earth-friendly green philosophyContains no toxic chemicals that can harm or irritate cage birdsNatural fiber toy boasts fun shape and texture to stimulate activity Going green is easy with Living World Nature's Treasure Foot Toy. Embrace green philosophy and fair trade practices while providing crucial mental and physical stimulation for your companion bird. ...
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Parrot Pinata All-Natural Bird Toy

As low as $8.99
Parrot Piñata bird toy with colorful tassels is great for preening and soothes feather pluckers Your bird will enjoy countless hours of shredding fun Variety of sizes for small to large birds Parrot Piñata bird toy stimulates ALL your bird's senses and soothes feather pluckers. Woven bird toy is made from biodegradable materials found in her native habitat - assorted ...
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