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Wood Cotton Rope Macaw Toys

6 results

Shred-X Alpine Paper Rope Bird Toy for Amazons & Macaws

As low as $14.99
Paper rope toy provides endless shredding & preening adventure Blast boredom with a stimulating combo of shapes, colors, & textures Hide foraging treats in the twistable paper rope for added fun! Provide your Amazon or macaw plenty of boredom-busting fun with this HUGE paper rope hanging bird toy. Shred, preen, pick, play the day away! For added adventure, you can ...
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Calypso Creations Dagwood Bird Toy

As low as $19.99
Engaging bird toy provides many colors & textures to explore Hang in your bird's cage for boredom-busting beak & foot exercise Large enough for Amazons & macaws to shred, pluck, and preen Engage your Amazon or macaw's intelligent curiosity with this explosion of colors, textures, and crinkle sounds. Calypso Creations Dagwood Bird Toy features colored paper, plastic straw, cotton rope, ...
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Block Knots Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $9.99
Beguile your bird with distinctive shapes and vibrant colors Individual textures will stimulate mouth and feet activity while encouraging birds to preen and condition beak Available in 4 sizes - for conures to macaws Tough bird toy encourages your bird to untie knots. Thick, colorful wood blocks are strung with sisal and cotton rope for an avian beak workout. Several ...
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Bodacious Bites Bamboo Shoots

As low as $44.99
HUGE hanging bird toy provides a playground of chewing, climbing adventure Wide variety of textures & materials engages active minds, beaks, & feet Safe, strong, & durable enough for the largest parrots and macaws Mega-parrot toy rewards big birds with 3 tiers of huge bamboo ladder steps to conquer and climb! Your bird will enjoy hours of activity and exercise ...
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Giant Pendulum

As low as $49.99
Large, hanging bird toy for Amazon and Macaw parrotsGenerous assortment of wooden toy pieces for hours of bird funHanging bird toy offers engaging activities to alleviate bird boredom Dangling curtain of toys keep caged birds occupied. Colorful wood blocks and natural wood pieces are strung together with sisal and cotton rope for layer after layer of engaging activities. Parrots will ...
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Hippie Beads

As low as $49.99
Hanging beaded curtain of wooden toy pieces for Macaw parrotsLoaded with colorful wooden beads for fun bird activitiesHanging bird toy engages birds and alleviates bird boredom Colorful curtain of wooden bead pieces help prevent bored caged birds. Wood beads and blocks are strung together with cotton rope to create layers of chewing, climbing, and exploring fun. Parrots will be actively ...
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