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Bring a wider variety and a larger number of wild birds to your backyard bird feeders with the right feeders, wild bird foods, seeds, and wild bird supplies from Drs. Foster and Smith. We offer premium bird seed blends, black oil sunflower seed, shelled and unshelled nuts, red millet, white proso millet, Nyjer thistle, and songbird blends.

In addition to our bird feeder supplies, we offer a wide selection of suet and seed cakes, which provide a high-energy food source for visiting birds all year round. Find a variety of wild bird suet feeders, suet balls, and suet cakes. You can also attract species such as bluebirds, cardinals, kinglets, orioles, and woodpeckers by offering insects in your bird feeders. We offer live, canned, and roasted mealworms and insects for wild bird feeding.

Nectar- and jelly-feeding species like orioles and hummingbirds are fun to watch. Keep them visiting all season with our nectar mixes and hummingbird feeders.

Attract more wild birds to your yard by providing bird houses, winter bird roosts, and nesting boxes. A bird bath is also a valuable addition to your yard, and if you live in a colder climate, consider adding a bird bath de-icer to provide birds with a winter water source.

Help deter squirrels from your feeders by offering them a dedicated squirrel feeder and a squirrel-specific food. You might also try one of our varieties of hot pepper bird seed blends or hot pepper bird seed additives.

In addition to our backyard bird feeding supplies, we also carry wild bird gifts and décor for your favorite bird watcher, including yard décor, birding books, binoculars, bird seed wreaths, unique and beautiful bird feeders, and even bat houses.

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