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White T 5 Lighting
4 results

AquaticLife T5 HO Ardent White 10,000°K Fluorescent Lamps

As low as $16.99
High output T-5 fluorescent lamps for fresh or saltwater aquariums For aquarium light fixtures that accept T-5 (5/8" diameter) lamps Emits bright white light beneficial to photosynthetic corals and plants Versatile T-5 HO fluorescent lamps ideal for freshwater or marine aquariums. AquaticLife 10,000°K T5 lamps (Marine 700+) contain combined phosphors that produce a beneficial and ...
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Hamilton Technology 10,000K Super Daylight White T5 HO Bulb

As low as $16.99
Bright-sparkling white daylight lamp showcases aquarium inhabitants. Hamilton Technology 10,000K Super Daylight White T5 HO Bulb contains special rare earth color enhancing phosphors for crisp aquarium illumination. Intense full-spectral output supports the health of aquarium plants as well as photosynthetic coral and invertebrates. Hamilton Technology 10,000K Super Daylight White T5 HO Bulb ...
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Actinic White 12000°K T-5 HO Fluorescent Tubes

As low as $13.99
Multipurpose high output T-5 fluorescent aquarium lamps 50/50 combination lamps are ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums Produces nearly twice the light output of conventional T-5 lamps Special combination of tri-band daylight and actinic phosphors produce a bright, 12,000 degreeK light. High performance Actinic White 12K lamps provide proper light necessary for healthy growth of ...
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AquaticLife T5 HO Natural White 6,000°K Fluorescent Lamps

As low as $19.99
6,000°K T-5 HO fluorescent lamps for freshwater planted aquariums Warm, white light benefits aquatic plants and aquarium aesthetics T-5 (5/8" diameter) lamps boast greater light output with fewer lamps High output T-5 fluorescent lamps perfect for freshwater aquariums. AquaticLife 6,000°K T5 lamps emit a warm white light that creates a natural-looking environment for freshwater aquarium fish. ...
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