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White Lighting Tubes
4 results

Actinic White 12000°K T-5 HO Fluorescent Tubes

As low as $11.89
Multipurpose high output T-5 fluorescent aquarium lamps 50/50 combination lamps are ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums Produces nearly twice the light output of conventional T-5 lamps Special combination of tri-band daylight and actinic phosphors produce a bright, 12,000 degreeK light. High performance Actinic White 12K lamps provide proper light necessary for healthy growth of ...
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VHO Actinic White Fluorescent Tubes

As low as $19.99
T-12 (1-1/2" dia) fluorescent lamp for VHO aquarium light fixtures Provides aquariums with 50% Actinic 03 and 50% White Spectrum light Great for coral growth and showcasing marine aquarium inhabitants Enhances color of corals, live rock and related marine life. Bulbs are a 50/50 combination of triband and actinic phosphors. 12,000°K color temperature mixed with actinic radiation provides the ...
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Power-Glo Fluorescent Tubes

As low as $11.99
Simulate open water lighting conditions as well as provide beneficial spectrum for a variety of freshwater and marine aquariums. The Power-GLO T8 linear fluorescent aquarium lamp delivers a super bright, bluish white light with a high 18,000K color temperature. Super bright light has a strong blue spectral range that intensifies fish and coral colors. The Power-GLO T8 linear fluorescent ...
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VHO AquaSun Fluorescent Tubes

As low as $18.99
Greatly enhances the color display of your tropical and marine fish. Blend of tri-band phosphors provides the additional color temperature needed for your mini-reef system and is great for deep tanks or shallow water corals. 180 degree internal reflector. 10,000 degreeK. Easy to recognize green end-caps. T-12 (1-1/2" diameter) fluorescent lamp for use with VHO (Very High Output) aquarium ...
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