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Turtle Habitat Accessories

7 results

Zoo Med Turtle Dock

As low as $8.99
Stable, self-leveling dock automatically adjusts to all water levelsUnderwater ramp leads to comfortable, faux-rock basking area4 sizes accommodate newts, frogs, or turtles As natural and comfortable as a real log, this floating dock self-adjusts its height to all water levels. On one side a submerged ramp allows your pet to easily access the dry area where it will get maximum ...
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Turtle Topper™ Above-Tank Basking Platform

As low as $47.99
Maximize usable space of your aquatic turtle habitatIncrease swimming area & healthier filtration for turtlesTurtle basking platform doubles as observation habitat Turn your standard aquarium into a stunning turtle habitat! Innovative above-tank basking platform maximizes swimming and lounging area for active turtles. Observe your aquatic pets in their natural element as they explore ...
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Wet Pet Deck™

As low as $12.99
Aquatic basking platform installs instantly - easy to adjust Rubberized strips provide excellent traction for turtles, frogs, & more Ramp opening fits turtles with shell width up to 3.5" Provide a stable exit and basking platform for frogs, newts, salamanders, turtles, and other aquatic animals with the Oasis Wet Pet Deck. This nonporous plastic platform with rubberized traction strips is ...
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Floating Turtle Log

As low as $27.99
Aquatic reptile habitat accessory for your pet turtleBottom-weighted log won't roll; stays steadyFloating platform lets your turtle "sun" himself as he would in nature Provide security, comfort, and a place for your water-loving reptile to explore. Bottom-weighted log allows your reptile to climb on top to bask without rolling over and features two 4" end openings and four 2-1/4" side ...
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Turtle Pier Basking Platform

As low as $21.99
Clever self-adjusting basking platform for aquatic herptilesReptiles and amphibians enjoy easy access to land and waterFloating platform for turtles, frogs, newts, and salamanders Forget fixed platforms, the Turtle Pier self-adjusts its height to ever-changing water levels! Perfect for turtles, frogs, newts, and salamanders, elevated pillars provide plenty of swimming room beneath the basking ...
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Exo Terra Turtle Bank

As low as $34.99
Floating "rock" held in place with super-strong magnetsAn instant cozy corner basking spotFor use in any aquatic terrarium setup The magnetic floating Turtle Bank creates an instant corner "island" in virtually any terrarium. Super-strong magnets hold the durable resin "rock" in place, yet remove easily for cleaning or repositioning. The Turtle Bank automatically adjusts to any water level, ...
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Exo Terra Turtle Heater 50W

As low as $25.99
Submersible aquatic terrarium heater for up to 20 gallons Always maintain the perfect water temperature for turtles Rugged turtle tank heater boasts compact design with chew-resistant cord protector Take the guesswork out of aquatic turtle care! 50W Exo Terra Turtle Heater is preset to always maintain water temperature around 78°F, ideal for turtles and most aquatic reptiles and amphibians. ...
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