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Tropical Habitat Accessories

8 results

Exo Terra Jungle Vine

As low as $11.99
Bendable, twistable terrarium climbers look & feel like vines! Create a 3-dimensional reptile environment for healthy activity Waterproof décor ideal for arboreal reptile & amphibian habitats Take arboreal exploration to new heights! Exo Terra Jungle Vine makes it simple to create stimulating and realistic environments. Bendable, twistable vine holds their shape in any exciting terrarium ...
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Exo Terra Reptile Cave

As low as $9.99
Natural-looking cast resin caves ideal for herptile habitats Decorate reptile terrariums AND provide stress-free hideouts Easy-to-keep clean & super stable décor is not easily tipped over by larger reptiles Create a cool herptile habitat with secure, stress-reducing hiding places with the look of real rocks! Exo Terra Reptile Cave looks like natural outcroppings and blend seamlessly to ...
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Exo-Terra Dinosaur Egg Fossil Hideout

As low as $14.99
Natural-looking cast resin antediluvian shelter ideal for herptile habitat Decorate reptile terrariums AND provide stress-free hideouts Easy- clean, super-stable décor is not easily tipped over by larger reptiles Create a cool herptile habitat that offers your pet a humid microclimate for hiding, shedding, and egg laying. Set on bottom of your reptile's habitat for secure, stress-reducing ...
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Underwater Galleries Antiquities Series Cave Collection Stone Masks

As low as $7.99
Eco-friendly, high-fired ceramic aquarium decorationsEvocative, culturally-inspired pieces add aquarium styleHand-glazed aquarium ornaments have the look of natural stoneProvide aquarium fish with places to explore or seek shelter Amaze family and friends with striking ceramic relics. Inspired by ancient civilizations, these creative and functional ceramic aquarium decorations set the stage ...
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Exo Terra Boston Fern

As low as $13.99
Create realistic tropical reptile habitats without the hassle of real plants Super easy to clean terrarium décor - silk plant with plastic base Create natural hiding spots for reptiles & amphibians Want to create a lush tropical terrarium, but without the fuss? Exo Terra Boston Fern plastic plants add instant drama with low-maintenance, long-lasting results. Amazing replicas look ...
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Exo Terra Forest Branch

As low as $21.99
Provide a natural climbing environment for arboreal reptiles & amphibians Grapevine resembles hardwood branches in tropical or desert habitats Natural branches are heat-treated for your herp's safety Provide a natural, 3-dimensional climbing environment in your terrarium for all arboreal type reptiles and amphibians with the Exo Terra Forest Branch. As well as adding vertical drama to the ...
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Exo Terra Canopy Cave

As low as $5.99
Natural-looking cast resin arboreal shelter is ideal for tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians Privacy flap allows you to observe your pet without disturbing it A special, private place where your pet can sleep, shed, or lay eggs Place cool reptile habitat on the side of your terrarium to observe your pet without scaring it or disturbing him. Place realistic-looking cast resin ...
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Exo Terra Gecko Cave Terrestrial Gecko Hide

As low as $22.99
Perfect, natural-looking addition to your gecko terrarium Secure hideout is essential for gecko health and well-being This ideal nesting hide helps reduce gecko stress - perfect for terrestrial geckos like Leopard Geckos Geckos just love this cool stone cave cast from real rock with colors so real, you'll have a hard time believing it's not- until you see your gecko ...
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