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Tetra Freshwater Fish Supplies

5 results

Tetra Gel Feeder Block

As low as $13.39
Gel feeder block won't cloud your aquarium waterMade with all-natural ingredients and no plasterVitamins and nutrients help support fish's immune systems The innovative, clean water alternative to messy slow release feeders. Plaster-free, gel-based feeders won't cloud aquarium water or foul water parameters since the feeder won't disintegrate on its own. If the block isn't fully consumed when ...
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Tetra Baby Shrimp

As low as $2.49
100% sun dried baby freshwater shrimp for aquarium fishExcellent source of roughage to improve fish digestionGreat supplemental food to add variety to staple fish diet A nutritious supplement to flake foods. These complete shrimp, including the shell, are an excellent source of roughage for improved digestion. Ideal for nearly all large ornamental fish, gouramis, angels and goldfish. 0.35 oz.
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Tetra Fish Snacks Sun-Dried Anchovies

As low as $3.99
Tasty protein-rich snack for carnivorous freshwater & saltwater fish Sun-dried anchovies naturally bring out active behavior in large fish Supplements staple fish diet and also great for aquatic turtles and amphibians Whole, sun-dried anchovies supplement daily diet with protein, fat, and irresistible flavor. Tetra Fish Snacks Sun-Dried Anchovies is a premium quality snack ideal for ...
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Tetra Veggie Flakes

As low as $10.99
Vitamin fortified spirulina flake food for aquarium fishSupplement the diet of herbivorous fish with nutritious spirulinaNutritional benefits of vegetables in a convenient flake food form The extra vegetable matter in this food keeps aquarium live-bearers, algae-eating Cichlids, and other plant-eating fish in peak condition. Great for goldfish, too. Nutritionally balanced, high protein food ...
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TetraColor Select-A-Food

As low as $4.99
Color-enhancing tropical fish food in a unique multi-section canister Contains TetraColor Flakes, TetraColor Granules, and tasty Mini Krill Easy way to offer nutritious color-enhancing variety for aquarium fish Dial up natural vibrant coloration of tropical aquarium fish with your choice of three color-enhancing foods! TetraColor Select-A-Food simplifies color-enhancing nutrition with its ...
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