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Tetra Color Enhancing Foods

TetraColor Tropical Crisps

As low as $5.99
Nutritious fish food crisps produce up to 35% less waste Uniform crisp size means easy feeding of aquarium fish Crisp center contains carotenoids to enhance tropical fish coloration Low waste, color-enhancing crisps produce 35% less waste than other diets. More usable food means clearer water and healthy fish. High in carotenoids to promote rich, natural color development and uniform in ...
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TetraColor Tropical Flakes

As low as $10.99
Natural color enhancing flake food for tropical aquarium fish Supplement staple diet to bring out vibrant fish coloration Fortified with Vitamin C and other vitamins and nutrients Many tropical fish have bright, natural colors which tend to fade in an aquarium environment. To bring out these colors, TetraColor Flakes contain natural color enhancers in addition to a healthy, balanced diet. ...
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TetraColor Plus Tropical Flakes

As low as $11.99
Bring out stunning natural colors in your tropical aquarium fish. TetraColor Plus Tropical Flakes with added color enhancement flakes (yellow/red) give an extra boost to daily fish nutrition. Made with ingredients known for natural carotene, TetraColor Plus delivers an appetizing assortment of colorful, bright flakes that helps develop natural pinks to orange-red colors in tropical fish. Made ...
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TetraColor Cichlid Pellets

As low as $19.99
Industry-first in color-enhancing nutrition keeps cichlid diet balanced. TetraColor Cichlid Pellets are the result of a proprietary, dual extrusion process that unites premium staple food with concentrated color-enhancing food. Breakthrough combination pellets ensure your aquarium cichlids receive both staple nutrition and concentrated color enhancers in each bite. No more overfeeding or ...
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TetraPond Pond Food Color Flakes

As low as $4.39
Color enhancing flake food for koi and ornamental pond goldfish Bring out vibrant reds and yellows for brightly colored pond fish Nutritious flakes are easier for smaller koi and pond goldfish to eat Quality color-enhancing nutrition smaller koi and pond goldfish will devour. Easier-to-eat Pond Food Color Flakes deliver nutrition necessary for proper health and growth while developing vibrant ...
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