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Submersible Waterfall Pumps
7 results

Cobalt Pond Cascade Professional Water Garden Pumps

As low as $245.99
Submersible or external pond pumps for waterfalls, filters & fountains Powerful, multipurpose pump drives pond systems using less energy Heavy-duty impeller cuts through tough pond debris for reliable use Energize your pond or water garden with professional power, versatility and low-energy consumption. Cobalt Cascade Pump delivers reliable water movement that brings pond systems to life. ...
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Pond Boss Submersible Pumps with UV Clarifier

As low as $249.99
Energy-efficient 2-in-1 pumps extend your pond budget by performing double duty as circulation pump AND UV clarifier. Pond Boss Submersible Pumps with UV Clarifier does the job of two essential pond products for the price of one. Stop spending time and money selecting and purchasing compatible components, plumbing, and installation supplies! Pond Boss Submersible Pumps with UV Clarifier ...
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Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps

As low as $299.99
Significant technological and design innovations improve pump performance with greater energy efficiency. The reliable Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps operate on less wattage than the prior models without compromising flow rate. Max-Flo Models 1350 and higher are fitted with Smart Pump Technology. This internal, self-regulating system tracks power consumption, hydraulics and impeller ...
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Laguna Powerjet Fountain & Waterfall Pumps

As low as $179.99
New generation Smart Pump Technology boosts energy-efficient performance of these 2-in-1 fountain pond pumps. Laguna Powerjet Fountain & Waterfall Pumps improved with significant technological and design innovations do more with less energy. Innovative pumps use less electricity than the prior models but maintain powerful output for reliable, continuous operation. Laguna Powerjet Fountain & ...
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Fish Mate Pond/Fountain Pumps

As low as $199.99
Versatile multipurpose water pumps great for water fountains or driving pond filtration systems. Quality construction features superior rotor design and durable ceramic shaft bearings for years of trouble-free operation. Easy-to-clean, removable filter cage is less prone to blockage for reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Fish Mate submersible, solids-handling pond pumps feature ...
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Mag-Drive Waterfall Pumps

As low as $129.99
High-capacity pumps with powerful magnetic-drive motor deliver up to 3,000 gph Create dynamic waterfalls or run medium to large in-pond skimmers Extra large clog-resistant filter screen maintains consistent flow rate and extends time between cleaning High capacity submersible pumps designed for continuous operation in large pond installations. Powerful magnetic drive motor delivers up to 3000 ...
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HY-Drive Waterfall Pumps

As low as $189.99
Our most energy-efficient high-capacity pond pump Designed specifically for large pond installations, including waterfalls and pond filtration Hybrid technology combines direct-drive power with magnetic-drive efficency and safety New hybrid technology combines the power of direct drive pumps and the energy efficiency and safety of magnetic drive pumps. These versatile pumps can be used ...
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