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Submersible Performance Water Pump
4 results

Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps

As low as $299.99
High performance pond pumps designed for greater energy efficiency Powerful, versatile pump drives pond filtration unit, waterfalls & more Select models feature smart pump technology for optimum performance Significant technological and design innovations improve pump performance with greater energy efficiency. The reliable Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps operate on less wattage than the ...
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Sicce EKO Power Pump

As low as $404.03
Powerful Italian-made solids-handling pond filter & waterfall pump Delivers high flow rates while processing pond debris up to 1/4" Ideal pump for driving surface skimmers, external filters, or waterfalls High flow rates up to 4,000 gph plus solids-handling capability up to 1/4" makes this Italian-made pump a true workhorse! Sicce EKO Power Pump delivers reliable performance even in demanding ...
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Aquascape® AquaForce® Solids Handling Pump

As low as $175.98
Enjoy powerful and reliable pump performance while keeping operational costs under budget. Aquascape AquaForce Solids Handling Pump is a second-generation asynchronous waterfall and filter pump featuring an energy-efficient design. High-torque asynchronous motor technology provides more power than traditional magnetic drive pond pumps for trouble-free performance even at higher head heights. ...
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Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump

As low as $95.32
High performance pump boasts power, energy efficiency and versatile installation all at a great value. The smartly priced Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump is the budget-friendly pump choice perfect for tackling all your pond and water garden needs delivering powerful flow rates while using less energy than similar comparable pumps. The versatile Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump accommodates wet or dry ...
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