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Submersible Filter

8 results

Fluval U Series Underwater Filter

As low as $69.99
Fully submersible three-stage filter for superior filtration options Enhance filtration, water movement and aeration in turtle tanks Use horizontally for semi-aquatic reptile paludariums or viquariums Create the ideal aquatic herptile habitat with superior filtration, water movement and aeration. The versatile Fluval U Series Underwater Filter offers creative new possibilities in aquatic and ...
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Zoo Med MicroClean 316 Internal Filter

As low as $1.49
Big filtration in a compact, submersible filter Includes compact, multi-function, fully submersible MicroPumpGreat for aquariums, turtle terrariums, and amphibian tanks This multi-function internal filter will keep aquariums, turtle terrariums, amphibian tanks and small ponds healthy. Works great in 10 to 30 gallon tanks. The filter's dual intake prevents turtle objects from blocking the ...
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Lifegard Aquatics Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters

As low as $51.08
Customizable submersible pond filter with unique expandable design Keep ponds clean with biological & 2 stages of mechanical filtration Use filter with any make pump or the recommended Quiet One Pump Create custom filtration specific to your pond or water garden needs. Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters are highly customizable submersible pond filters with an easy to expand design. ...
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Lifegard 13W UV Sterilizer Kit

As low as $120.71
Easy to install UV upgrade for Lifegard Uno, Duo, & Trio Pond Filters Enhance pond water quality with the cleansing power of UVC light Combat green pond water algae & free floating disease-causing pathogens Upgrade your Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filter or Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filtration System Kit with the clarifying power of UVC light. Lifegard 13W UV ...
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Fluval Nano Internal Filter

As low as $2.49
Mini 3-stage fully-submersible filter for aquatic reptile habitats up to 15 gallons Compact reptile filter enhances water quality and circulation Use swiveling spray bar for a "rainfall" effect in reptile paludariums or viquariums Provide efficient 3-stage filtration even in smaller aquatic or semi-aquatic herptile habitats. Fluval Nano Internal Reptile Filter maintains optimal water quality ...
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Aquascape® Container Garden Filter

As low as $19.98
The filter you need for your smaller deck or patio water feature -even a birdbath! Filter is ideal for all container gardens holding up to 50 gallons of water Magnetically driven or mag drive motor technology is simple and easy to maintain Extremely energy efficient filter with mag drive motor is easy to maintain. Use for circulation or to run ...
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EasyPro Eco-Series Tempo Submersible Pond Filter

As low as $42.49
"Video coming soon" Heavy-duty submersible biological and mechanical pond filterSubmersible pond filter boasts extreme ease of installationGreat way to create a waterfall feature without a skimmer filter Create a gorgeous waterfall feature with minimal effort. The EasyPro Eco-Series Tempo Submersible Pond Filter is the sensible and easy-to-install alternative to skimmer filters. Filter unit ...
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Tetra Pond Cylinder Pre-Filter

As low as $4.99
Cylinder pump pre-filter for submersible pond pumpsPrevent impeller damage and reduce pump stress and wearHelp extend the life of your TetraPond Water Garden Pump Easy upgrade prolongs pond pump life. The TetraPond Cylinder Pre-Filter is the easy-to-install solution to dramatically reduce pump damage due to debris. Stop sand, gravel, twigs or any foreign matter from damaging pump impeller or ...
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