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Sturdy Metal Cages
7 results

HQ Scroll Top Wrought Iron Cage w/ Cart Stand

As low as $159.99
Give your bird an affordable, quality home that opens for rooftop perching! Rolling wrought iron cage combines roomy freedom with convenient features to make proper bird care convenient. Cage roof top opens to offer your bird perching heaven that eliminates the expense of purchasing a separate bird playstand. Scroll Top Wrought Iron Cage w/ Cart Stand features a large front ...
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Habitat Defined Guinea Pig Habitat

As low as $99.99
Spacious, multi-level guinea pig cage has everything your guinea pig needs to be happy and healthyLarge plastic shelf is a great place to offer food, treats, and hay to keep them off the cage floorPlastic components are treated with Super Protect™ antimicrobial technology Clean, safe, and sturdy multi-level guinea pig home keeps your pet healthy. Extra deep base prevents bedding ...
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Critter Nation Small Pet Cages

As low as $124.99
All-metal small pet cages are available in one- and two-level models Double doors allow you comfortable inside access and easy cleaning Rolling casters make this small pet cage easy to move All-metal small pet cages offer space and room to explore. Your small pet will love climbing and exploring her home on the safe, comfortable 1/2"-spaced horizontal wires. Height-adjustable shelf ...
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Featherland Series Mission Bird Cage

As low as $949.99
Medium birdcage with sleek dometop Available in stainless steel Welded construction for durability This bird cage's innovative design allows quick and easy installation without tools for a distinct fluid, seamless look. Sleek dometop design means more interior space for exercise and play, plus easy access for you. Quality all-metal construction features corner welded panels and doors, ...
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Featherland Series Cathedral Cage

As low as $1,999.99
Stainless steel quality construction second to none Spacious interior means more wing room Large, self-locking main entrance for safe, easy access When size matters, this stainless steel pet bird cage towers above the rest. It's the roomiest dometop we offer, designed with full-size Macaws and large Cockatoos in mind. Generous interior keeps wings and long tail feathers intact and looking ...
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Paradise Perch and Go! Travel Cage

As low as $84.99
Stress-free travel carrier gives your bird a clear view of his surroundings. Durable, clear polycarbonate construction allows your bird to get a 360-degree view to help alleviate stress and also allows you a clear view of your feathered friend. Solid, well ventilated design is ideal for most parrots and smaller birds - simply adjust included 3/4" dia x 8" long ...
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Featherland Series Chapel Bird Cage

As low as $1,099.99
Uncompromising qualityevident in this unique cagedesign. All-metal constructionwith corner welded panels anddoors, removable seed guard,4 removable feeding doors andparrot-proof, self-locking doors.Designed to maintain a cleanand safe environment. Archedtop adds interior space andmaneuvering room. Ready to assemble � requiresno tools for easy installation. Includes: 3 stoneware cups with ...
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