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By Material

Sturdy Glass Hummingbird Feeder

7 results

Vintage Glass Hummingbird Feeder by Woodlink

As low as $17.99
Beautiful ruby glass with painted floral design on base Twist-off base makes this feeder easy to clean and fill Holds 16 oz nectar and offers 4 feeding ports Square-cut ruby glass lends antique charm to this hummingbird feeder. The top side of the aluminum/plastic base offers a floral design for artistic appeal. Four flower-shaped feeding ports accommodate multiple visitors. Wide-mouth, ...
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24 oz Glass Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $13.99
Large 24 oz capacity glass nectar feeder attracts multiple hummingbirds A great price on a glass-bottle hummingbird feeder "Milk-bottle" style feeder boasts etched-glass hummingbird design and built-in double perch Sturdy, inverted milk-bottle style feeder keeps unwanted ants and bees out. Flexible floral feeding ports feature a built-in one-way valve. Allows hummingbirds to feed but stops ...
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Window-Mount Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $13.99
Sturdy, no-drip feeder serves hummingbirds right outside your window for up-close viewing 2 super-strong suction cups ensure quick, stay-put feeder mounting on any window 14 oz clear, tempered glass nectar bottle with hummingbird-attracting red base Watch hummingbirds feed right outside your window with this sturdy, streamlined window-mount hummingbird feeder. Grab your favorite beverage, ...
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Dr. JB's 16 oz Clean Feeder for Hummingbirds

As low as $19.99
This hummingbird feeder is designed for no leaks, even in windy weather Wide-mouth nectar tube ensures mess-free filling and easy cleaning Sturdy, dishwasher-safe plastic/glass construction lasts and lasts Possibly the most well-designed hummingbird feeder you'll ever own. Dr. JB's Clean Feeder for Hummingbirds features an innovative, two-piece base with flow-control design to prevent leaks, ...
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Big Gulp™ Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $14.99
This large-capacity feeder holds 40 oz! Built-in ant moat on top helps keep nectar safer 7 ports/perches let multiple birds dine at this easy-fill feeder This feeder's 40 oz capacity is a boon for peak summer periods when multiple hummingbirds stop by to feed. Instead of running out of nectar every day, this feeder handles high traffic for multiple days. ...
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Stokes Deluxe Oriole Feeder

As low as $16.99
Leak-resistant oriole feeder boasts a generous 32 oz capacity Offers 3 bee-resistant ports and an ant moat at the top of feeder Wide perches give orioles plenty of room, yet fold up for space-saving storage Attract visiting orioles with a nectar feeder that lets you fill less often. Stokes Deluxe Oriole Feeder is an attractive feeder that keeps orioles healthy ...
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Mealworm Feeder with Guard

As low as $69.99
Provide a safe-haven for beautiful bluebirds to feed in peace Keep out wild bird bullies with its durable, vinyl-coated wire mesh Lure bluebirds in with their favorite offering - plump mealworms Welcome bluebirds with a secure feeder full of plump mealworms! Nature House Mealworm Feeder with Guard is a beacon for hungry bluebirds. Sturdy 16 gauge vinyl-coated wire mesh with ...
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