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Sturdy Backyard Feeder
8 results

Chicken Trough Feeder

As low as $12.99
Sturdy backyard trough is a perfect backyard feeder for your flock. Made of durable galvanized steel, it has a thick wire scratch guard on top to prevent spilling. Wire legs allow you to set feeder on ground so up to 16 chickens can feed at once; legs convert to hanger to hang up off the floor to keep cleaner. Wire ...
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Recycled Plastic Oriole Feeder

As low as $32.99
Bright orange recycled body attracts orioles to this bird banquet Clear, arched acrylic roof protects birds and food and allows better viewing for you Features two generous dishes for jelly or nectar and two fruit pegs Migration takes a lot of energy, and this feeder lets you offer plenty when stunning orioles stop along their journey. Sturdy, bright orange poly-lumber ...
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Triple Tube Feeder

As low as $44.99
Eye-catching wild bird feeder includes a trio of tubes so you can offer three different foods to backyard visitors. Greater food variety attracts the greatest variety of birds. Stokes Select Triple Tube Feeder is a sturdy steel/PVC feeder that offers one mixed seed tube, one thistle seed tube, and one screen tube for peanuts or corn. Attracts both clinging and ...
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Droll Yankees New Generation® Seed Feeder

As low as $21.99
Quality sunflower/mixed seed feeder at a very affordable price Boasts sturdy metal parts and long-lasting UV stabilized tube Attract a variety of birds to this feeder's 4 ports This Droll Yankees feeder is basic in design, but built to last - at a very affordable price. It's a pleasure to feed backyard birds with this feeder. Built-to-last features include sturdy, ...
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Butterfly Bird Feeder

As low as $22.99
This feeder looks so graceful, you won't believe how durable it is until you actually hold it in your hands. The butterfly-inspired outer design gives it the decorative look you've been seeking, and the sturdy, hammertone finish steel frame gives it the longwearing construction you demand. This feeder's inner polycarbonate tube offers four feeding ports easily accessed from the 360° ...
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Pole Mounted Classic Feeder

As low as $52.44
Large capacity Lexan seed tube won't yellow or crack - and requires fewer refills Attract a bounty of seed-loving birds, but deter squirrels with built-in baffle Durable construction - aluminum ports, stainless steel perches and enamel-coated top A built-in, all-steel baffle and a sturdy 72" pole make this large-capacity feeder a great value. Squirrel-proof feeder offers a 1.2-gallon seed ...
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Super Stop-A-Squirrel Feeder

As low as $29.99
Squirrel-proof wild bird feeder features an adjustable spring so YOU determine who eats your seed Large capacity feeder means less refilling Removable seed bin means you can refill seed without taking down the feeder This squirrel-proof wild bird feeder is everything you need to create a wild bird haven in your backyard. Adjustable stainless steel spring controlled feed ports means ...
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Pinebush Cardinal-Shaped Feeder

As low as $54.99
Giant red cardinal is the rustic style perfect for many backyards. Constructed of upcycled, sturdy eastern pine and painted bright red, this big feeder will catch the eyes of birds, wildlife, and all manner of backyard visitors. Hide cute, woodcraft-look feeder in the bushes for a perfect bird feeding surprise. Big bird feeder features a mesh "chest" for cling feeders ...
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