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Smart Dogs Toys

4 results

Seek-A-Treat Dog Toys

As low as $7.99
Test your dog's treat-finding IQ with these durable puzzle toys Add dog treats or kibble, cover them with toy pieces, and then watch the hunt! Provides mental stimulation for your dog and rewards his hard work See whether your dog is smart enough to retrieve treats and kibble from these challenging puzzle toys. Start by placing your pet's favorite treats ...
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Kyjen Puzzle Toys for Dogs

As low as $8.99
Boost your dog's problem-solving skills with fun puzzles AND treat rewards Helps stimulate and encourage your dog's innate sense of foraging Motivating dog toys help prevent boredom Easily stimulate your treat-motivated dog's intellect. Challenging puzzle toys keep him busy and out of trouble, and offer a reward to keep him interested and entertained. Try all 4 to change up the ...
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Dog It Mind Games Interactive Toy for Dogs

As low as $14.99
Fun, educational toy challenges dogs with three rewarding games Clever dog toy develops problem-solving skills as your dog plays Interactive smart toy for dogs brings pet families together to bond Dog It Mind Games is the fun interactive dog toy that'll test your dog's mental and physical abilities - and reward his success. Three problem-solving games keep pets focused while ...
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Barn Puzzle Toy for Dogs

As low as $12.99
Engage your dog's playful mind with puzzle toysEach hideout conceals 3 colorful plush squeak toys inside Puzzle your smart dog and triple playtime fun! Hideout Barn conceals three mini plush toys inside. Your dog's challenge is to figure out how to wrestle them free through one of the seemingly too small portals. Once they're out, though, there's three times the ...
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