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Small Birds Wire Cage
9 results

Prevue Small Bird Carry Cage

As low as $14.99
Versatile cage for temporary transportation Perch included so birds have a place to stand Easy access through flip open top door When you need a quick carrier to take your finch, canary, or other small bird to the veterinarian or other emergency transport, the Carry Cage is the perfect solution. May also be used as a temporary place when you ...
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Prevue Pagoda Cockatiel Cage

As low as $299.99
Roomy, high style bird cage for Cockatiels and similar birds Durable metal bird cage with beautiful hammertone finish Integrated bird cage stand with heavy-duty rolling casters Elegant, space-saving bird cage accentuates the sleek, refined beauty of Cockatiels. Prevue Pagoda Cockatiel Cage boasts clean vertical proportions and an integrated cage stand to reduce cage footprint while maximizing ...
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Clean Life Bird Cage

As low as $2.99
This bird cage helps ensure no more trapped seed and waste for a cleaner, more sanitary living environment. Cage's unique lip-edged pullout tray works like a squeegee to eliminate crevices that collect seed and waste and pose a potential bacteria problem. Bird cage is made of powder-coated wire and plastic with a removable grate. Cages are ideal for small to ...
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Prevue Pet 220 Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

As low as $88.99
Elegant bird cage with vintage design scrollwork for under $100! Beautifully house parakeets, cockatiels and other similar-size birds Great tabletop bird cage or display with Quad-Pod Bird Cage Stand Elegantly styled AND smartly priced bird cage for under $100! Prevue Pet 220 Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage boasts high style without a high price tag, featuring gorgeous, vintage metal scrollwork ...
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Model F030 Flight Cage/Aviary

As low as $249.99
Wheeled flight cage at an affordable price A terrific way to house multiple small birds Outside access to feed cups makes mealtimes hassle-free A roomy and economical flight cage. Features 2 large, slide-locking front doors, each with a smaller door within so you can access the cage without your bird escaping. Outside-access, plastic feed cups are divided to offer two ...
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Clean Life Ranch Cage

As low as $79.99
Unique bird cage with Clean Life technology to create a cleaner, healthier bird cage environment. Cage features patented, lip-edged pullout tray and elevated cage body eliminate crevices that collect seed and waste and pose a potential bacteria problem. Bird Cage features built-in seed guard, outside access feed doors, pullout grille, pullout tray, powder-coated wire, durable plastic base, ...
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Prevue Pet Products Medium Park Plaza Bird Cage

As low as $229.99
Spacious pet bird cage with 1/2" wire spacing loaded with features Comfortable housing for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, and conures High-end housing for one or luxury suite for multiple small pet birds Spacious interior indulges pet birds with more room to stretch wings and tail feathers. Prevue Pet Products Medium Park Plaza Bird Cage is a great value delivering ample living ...
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Prevue Pet Products Small Park Plaza Bird Cage

As low as $169.99
Luxury housing for small to medium-sized pet birds at a great value. Prevue Pet Products Small Park Plaza Bird Cage is loaded with high-end features to ease bird care. Sensibly priced all-metal bird cage features solid-weld construction and a gorgeous wrought iron hammertone finish. Convenient feeder access doors and removable grill and tray ease routine cleanup and maintenance while ...
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Small Round Bird Cage

As low as $21.99
Charming round sleep or travel cage is reminiscent of the past with convenient features of today's bird cages. Swinging perch hangs from top of cage so your bird can have the movement he craves, but there's also a full-width perch below. Hang a Cozy Corner , Bird Tent , or a Snuggle Hut by the perch so your bird will ...
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