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Sand Substrate

5 results

Two Little Fishies Outsanding Selections™ Live Aragonite Sand

As low as $23.01
Quickly create a beneficial, natural aragonite sand bed in your marine or reef aquarium Packaged with live, naturally occurring nitrifying beneficial bacteria No rinsing required - simply add Live Aragonite Sand to your aquarium Sustainably harvested from various natural sites in the Western Pacific, Outsanding Selections Live Aragonite Sand lets you quickly create a beneficial natural sand ...
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Nature's Ocean Bio-Active Reef Sand and Reef Substrate

As low as $19.99
Reef sand and substrates remove nitrogenous wastes quickly to stabilize your aquariumFunctional marine substrate helps maintain proper pH and buffering capacityMillions of live marine bacteria promote natural balance in saltwater aquariums Bio-Activ Live Aragonite® sand and substrate mix quickly to remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate to stabilize your reef aquarium system. Also helps ...
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Exo Terra Sand Mat Desert Terrarium Substrate

As low as $12.99
Loose reptile substrate substitute made of nontoxic foam rubber Provides a safe, hygienic substrate choice for desert reptile habitats Easy to clean reptile substrate mat is easily replaced when too soiled Love the look of real sand but not the maintenance nor the risk of your reptile ingesting it? Exo Terra Sand Mat Desert Terrarium Substrate is a safe and ...
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Fluker's Hermit Beach Sand Substrate

As low as $6.99
Mix won't cling to your crab like calcium carbonate "sand" Mimics sand most land hermit crabs use in their natural environment Promote natural tunnel digging & healthy molting Unlike the calcium carbonate "sand" often sold as hermit crab substrate, this premium blend of natural sand, coconut fiber, calcium carbonate, sea salt mix and probiotics is the superior choice for healthy ...
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Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate

As low as $9.99
Allows reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows, helping to reduce stressSafe for many types of burrowing reptilesMix with water and mold to create multi-level terraces, hills and other landscapes All-natural clay substrate allows reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows just like they do in nature. Plus, clay holds its shape so burrows and tunnels won't collapse. You can also mold ...
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