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Reflector Lighting
6 results

AvianSun Deluxe Floor Lamp

As low as $19.99
Beneficial full-spectrum UVB & UVA for physical & psychological health Economically-priced floor lamp illuminates any sized cage or playstand Flexible metal tubing neck provides precision lighting placement Provide your birds with true full spectrum light, including UVB and UVA, just like they get in nature! Horizontal lamp arrangement increases light output compared to standard dome fixtures ...
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454 VHO Bulb

As low as $27.99
Very High Output T-12 fluorescent lamp for reef aquariums Combination VHO lamp emits beneficial blended light for coral Accentuate coral fluorescence and provide light for coral growth Specialty VHO (Very High Output) fluorescent lamp streamlines reef aquarium lighting. Space-saving UV Lighting Company 454 VHO Lamp does double duty by emitting both tri-band blue and actinic light. Unique 85% ...
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Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamps

As low as $7.49
Infrared heat lamp provides 24-hour heat source for reptilesExcellent for nocturnal viewing of reptiles and amphibiansSpot reflector directs heat down into your reptile habitat 24-hour heat source doubles as a nocturnal reptile viewing light. Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp for Reptiles provides a 24-hour heat source while emitting a subdued red glow. Quality lamp employs true red glass ...
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Zoo Med Deluxe Porcelain Clamp Lamp

As low as $14.99
Ceramic screw socket reptile light fixture with clamp mount Reptile lamp holds light and heat-emitting incandescent bulbs Enjoy versatile placement over screen-top terrariums or reptile cages Light or heat your terrarium easily with a custom ceramic socket clamp lamp. Zoo Med Deluxe Porcelain Clamp Lamp allows secure and versatile placement thanks to an easy-to use clamping arm. Rubber coated ...
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Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamps

As low as $7.99
Patented double reflector focuses 35% more light/heat in the beam than other reflector bulbs Provides beneficial UVA rays important for reptile and amphibian health Especially helpful for tropical and desert species like iguanas and bearded dragons A clear basking spot bulb that lets reptiles regulate their own temperature by accessing the light and heat of the "sun." Double reflector ...
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Clamp Lamp

As low as $21.99
Heavy-duty light fixture great for pet birds, reptiles, and small animalsInsulated power cord and ceramic socket are specifically designed to withstand the high heat of incandescent lampsAccommodates incandescent lamps up to 150 watts Portable Clamp Lamp is specifically designed to withstand the high heat of bird incandescent lamps. Double-wall reflector dome directs heat down to your bird, ...
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