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Reef Aquariums Reflector Lighting

8 results

AquaticLife Marquis Dual-Lamp T5HO Marine Aquarium Light Fixture

As low as $129.99
Dual lamp T-5 fluorescent light fixture for all saltwater aquariums Set built-in digital timer to turn automatically both lamps on & off Dimpled-pattern reflector produces balanced aquarium lighting Dual T-5 light fixture with built-in digital timer delivers brilliant functional lighting great for fish-only or coral reef aquariums. AquaticLife Marquis Dual-Lamp T5HO Marine Aquarium Light ...
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Hamilton Bali Sun Single Ended Metal Halide Lighting System

As low as $219.99
Pendant-style mogul base metal halide aquarium fixtures Powerful metal halide lighting provides outstanding aquarium illumination Great for coral reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariums Enjoy intense aquarium lighting achieved with powerful metal halide lighting. Hamilton Technology Bali Sun Metal Halide Pendant with LED Lights brings out vibrant coloration and beauty of ...
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Aruba Sun T5 Low Profile Retrofit Lighting Kit

As low as $159.99
T5 HO & LED retrofit kit for easy aquarium lighting upgrades Separate power cords allow custom 24-hour aquarium lighting Low-profile retrofit kit installs neatly in your aquarium canopy Space-saving, low-profile combination retrofit kit lets you quickly, easily upgrade your aquarium lighting. Each Hamilton Technology Aruba Sun T5 Retrofit Kit employs T5 High Output Fluorescent PLUS LEDs ...
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Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System

As low as $239.99
Powerful metal halide HQI light fixture replicates natural sunlight Multi-faceted, mirrored reflector boosts aquarium light output Great for reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariums High-tech reflector design intensifies brilliant metal halide HQI lighting. Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System brings out the beauty of aquarium inhabitants with the dazzling intensity of ...
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Coralife Lunar Aqualight HO T5 Aquarium Light Fixture

As low as $199.99
High output T5 fluorescent light fixture for marine aquariumsEnergy-efficient high performance 24-hour aquarium illuminationAdjust directional Lunar Blue LEDs for aquarium accent lighting Customize 24-hour reef aquarium lighting using less energy. Coralife Lunar Aqualight HO T5 Aquarium Light Fixture puts you in control of the latest energy-efficient technology to satisfy the unique lighting ...
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454 VHO Bulb

As low as $27.99
Very High Output T-12 fluorescent lamp for reef aquariumsCombination VHO lamp emits beneficial blended light for coralAccentuate coral fluorescence and provide light for coral growth Specialty VHO (Very High Output) fluorescent lamp streamlines reef aquarium lighting. Space-saving UV Lighting Company 454 VHO Lamp does double duty by emitting both tri-band blue and actinic light. Unique 85% ...
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CoralVue LuXcore Selectable Watt Ballasts for Metal Halide Lamps

As low as $135.99
Advanced, energy-efficient ballasts drive your custom metal halide aquarium light system with 4 power settings of your choice Small, silent, UL-approved ballasts let you switch between lamp wattage and drive modes such as HQI and Overdrive settings Includes a female receptacle compatible with Smart Volt™ cords found on Reef Optix® and LumenMax® metal halide reflectors Also includes an adapter ...
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VHO AquaSun Fluorescent Tubes

As low as $22.99
T-12 (1-1/2" dia) fluorescent lamp for VHO aquarium light fixtures Provides aquariums with bright 10,000K tri-band white spectrum light Great for showcasing freshwater or marine aquarium inhabitants Greatly enhances the color display of your tropical and marine fish. Blend of tri-band phosphors provides the additional color temperature needed for your mini-reef system and is great for deep ...
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