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Professional Loop Shoes
8 results

Ballistic Overreach Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $19.99
Horse bell boots protect the hoof from overreach and crossfire injuries Double hook and loop fasteners and unique no-turn knob keeps boots secure Comfortable, full coverage of each hoof to protect bulb and coronet band Prevent crossfire and overreach injuries to your horse's hooves. Durable equine bell boots are manufactured from ballistic nylon to protect the sensitive coronet band and ...
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Secure-Fit Overreach Glitter Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $27.24
Secure-fit boots prevent crossfire and overreach injuries in glittery, glossy style. Durable equine bell boots are manufactured from sturdy vinyl to protect the sensitive coronet band and bulb of any hoof. Features ballistic binding at base, padded top edge, and UltraShock lining for added protection and comfort. Will not rub or agitate existing hoof injuries. Includes double hook and loop ...
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Professional's Choice VenTECH Slide-Tec Skid Boots

As low as $69.99
Perfect reining training accessory for horses who slide to a stop Designed to keeping dirt from penetrating the boot & causing burns Hook & loop fasteners adjust to fit almost any horse Protect your horses legs during sliding stops or tight turns. Equipped with VenTECH technology, Slide-Tec Skid boots extend lower to cover the pastern and bulb of the horses ...
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SMB Elite Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $79.99
Contoured horse boots protect the cannon bone, tendons, and more Neoprene design allows ankle movement but prevents fetlock hypertension Glove-like fit absorbs energy from hoof impact and keeps out dirt Now with VenTECH technology - allows heat/moisture to escape Contoured fetlock boots prevent injury and aid rehabilitation. Durable, padded neoprene construction wraps completely around your ...
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Quick-Wrap Bell Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $39.56
Protect your horse's entire hoof with ease. Neoprene equine bell boots feature a durable, UltraShock foam-based nylon lining for shock absorption and protection. Overlap design completely wraps around the hoof and soft tissue, including the coronet band and bulb. Includes two adjustable hook and loop closures to keep boot secure whether in the field, pasture, or on trail rides. Sturdy ...
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SMB II Sports Medicine Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $54.99
Economically priced equine boots offer triple protection for your horse's legs. Padded wraps function as exterior leg protection, absorb energy from hoof impacts, and support the fetlock. Sewn-in suspension support strap stretches to cradle the extended leg, but still offers freedom of movement. Rugged enough for everyday use around the field, barn, or pasture, yet attractive enough for use ...
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Professional's Choice Bed Sore Boots

As low as $24.99
Help to protect the front of the fetlock joint from developing bedsores and shield existing sores from insects and debris while they heal. Made of a breathable fleece interior and a neoprene exterior with long lasting hook and loop closures. Please click "More Information" for suggested care instructions.
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9-Pocket Ice Boots from Professional's Choice

As low as $89.99
Soothe sore legs with drug-free equine ice therapy! At 23" tall, this boot can be used to ice from above the knee or hock all the way to the pastern. Used crushed ice to fill the 9 individual pockets; six hook fasteners provide a custom fit for soothing ice therapy. These boots are must-haves for every horse owner. Target injuries ...
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