Customer Testimonials about Telescoping Pet Ramps
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Customers Testimonials about Telescoping Pet Ramps

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Scott Haight
Exeter, NH


I just received my Telescoping Pet Ramp today and what a great idea. This will make life a lot easier for my 7 year old Lab who has suffered ACL ruptures in both rear legs. No more sore back from lifting him in and out of the truck. Thanks for another great product!

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Nicole Koborg
Omaha, NE


My two large dogs are getting older and unable to jump into the back of a vehicle. I ordered the Telescoping Pet Ramp last week and I was impressed that it arrived in only 4 days! I'm even more impressed with the product itself. The dogs have learned how to use it very quickly and it makes life a lot easier for them as well as my spouse and I. It's lightweight, folds up nicely and provides the traction the dogs need. In short, it's perfect! I should have ordered it a lot sooner. If anyone is looking for a pet ramp, this one comes highly recommended by a long time dog owner.

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Vivian Lewis
Williamstown, WV


Thanks for a superior product. I ordered the telescoping pet ramp and it arrived much sooner than the original expected delivery date. Bandit, our 12 year mixed collie/shepherd dog was no longer able to jump into the truck on his own. His greatest enjoyment in life is his truck rides and lifting him was simply too hard on my back. Because the telescoping pet ramp has a non-slip carpeted walkway and is comfortably wide enough for easy use, Bandit learned immediately how to use his new ramp and is now enjoying his favorite pastime again. My only regret is that we did not order this product sooner. It is also light weight and has a built in handle which make it very portable. Thank you again Dr. Foster and Smith and all your employees.

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Deana Lehman
Wichita, KS


This is a lifesaver for us and our Chow-Shepard who has suffered from ACL ruptures on both her back legs. She learned to walk up and down the ramp in no time at all. Before we got the ramp, it took both my husband and I to lift our 80 lb dog into the truck (Ford Escape). Now she just trots up and down by herself. Thank you for a terrific product. I whole-heartedly recommend this ramp for any use with any Disabled Canine American!

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