Customer Testimonials about Da Bird Cat Toy
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Customers Testimonials about Da Bird Cat Toy

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Krisa Arzayus
Gaithersburg, MD


Our cats go absolutely nuts over Da Bird! We have to hide it when not in use. If they don't get their daily dose of Da Bird, they sit in front of the closet begging us to play! It's great fun; I am amazed at the stunts the cats do going after the feathers.

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Kathy Pajak
North Highlands, CA


My cats love the Da Bird. Even my older, overweight kitty will not put it down! When I was moving recently, I kept packing away the toy and the cats kept dragging it out of the boxes to play with it. I recommend this toy to all my friends and co-workers with cats!! You won't be disappointed!

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Jennifer F.
Hermann, MO


Our two cats, Domino and Mercedes, were normally quiet and peaceful cats until we bought Da Bird from a Drs. Foster & Smith catalog. I have never seen a cat get so excited about a cat toy before! They absolutely love the flutter of the feathers as they swoosh through the air. In fact, I have to hide it in a special place in the basement where they cannot get to it! Meows of anticipation erupt and follow me whenever I go into the basement for something.

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Kathi K.
Yorktown Heights, NY


Da Bird is absolutely the best cat toy EVER made. I have my own pet-sitting business where I specialize in caring for cats and kittens. This year I gave this toy to my best customers. I have never seen cats jump so high at a toy! They also never want to let you stop making it "fly"! I wrote a letter of apology to one of my clients because I fear they will never leave her in peace again! I am ordering more of them and also a supply of the refills just to keep on hand for all my customers!

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Debbe W.
Nesbit, MS


Winston, the king cat of our household, wants me to let everyone know how much fun Da Bird is. He wants to play with it all the time. I will put it away and he will go find it. He thinks this is the best "cat" toy we have ever brought home. I have had fun just watching him jump and run for it. It has been worth every penny and is great exercise for him. If you are a cat owner, Winston recommends this highly for your feline friends.

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