Aquarium Water Conditioners & Additives: Seachem Neutral Regulator pH Conditioner
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Neutral Regulator

Neutral Regulator
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the difference between Neutral Regulator™, Discus Buffer™, Alkaline Buffer™, and Acid Buffer™?
A.  Neutral Regulator™and Discus Buffer™are phosphate based buffers providing a very strong and stable buffering system. Alkaline Buffer™and Acid Buffer™are non-phosphate buffers, which although less stable than a phosphate buffer, are ideal for the planted aquarium where high phosphate levels would lead to an algae problem.

Q.  I see that Neutral Regulator™contains phosphate based compounds as the buffering agent, won't this lead to increased algae growth?
A.  That depends on the type of light and intensity of light. Typical freshwater aquarium lights designed for fish only or plastic plant tanks are mostly low intensity and heavy in the red spectrum (to enhance reds in fish) and do not support either plant or algae growth effectively. Neutral Regulator™ has been in wide use in freshwater tanks for at least 18 years with virtually no complaints of algae growth. That does not mean it cannot happen. Other factors being present, such as high nitrate, high organics, exposure to sunlight or other strong sources of light, the added presence of phosphate will be another contributing factor. However, even with no measurable phosphate, if the other factors are present, algae growth will take place. Algae problems do not arise from a single contributing factor. The operative word is "contributing."

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