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Indoor Access Arch

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Indoor Access Arch
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are the benefits to having an Indoor Access Arch for my cat?
A.  There are many benefits to having an Indoor Access Arch for your cats. Here are a few: it gives your cat a sanctuary from any dogs that are in the house, it keeps your cat's litter box out of sight, it keeps dogs out of the cat's litter box, and you're able to keep doors closed that would otherwise have to be left open for your cat to access to the rooms behind them.

Q.  Can the Indoor Access Arch be used on any door?
A.  The Indoor Access Arch can be installed on any interior wood door. Customers have installed them in doors leading to the basement, a laundry or mudroom, or an extra closet door; virtually any place that you want your cat to be able to get to without leaving the door open.

Q.  Is the Indoor Access Arch hard to install?
A.  No, the Indoor Access Arch is not hard to install. It requires a few tools; scissors, a saber saw, a pencil or marker, and the wood finish of your choice. You will also need a hammer and flathead screwdriver to remove the door from the hinges. Once the door is removed, trace the template that is provided carefully on the door. Now cut just inside the line you drew (it's a good idea to double check the template trace before you cut). Install the arch as directed on the enclosed instructions and apply the finish that you chose. Once the finish dries, install the brush insert and re-hang your door. Your archway is now ready for your cat to enjoy.

Q.  Is it easy to remove the built-up cat hair that will collect in the brush over time?
A.  Yes, simply 'snap' out the brush insert and clean it as you would any other pet brush. Once cleaned, simply reinsert the brush into the archway and 'snap' it in place.

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