Pond De-Icers & Winter Aeration: Allied Precision Industries Pond Breather De-Icer & Aerator
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Allied Precision Industries Pond Breather

Allied Precision Industries Pond Breather
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will the Pond Breather invert the temperature layers in the pond?
A.  No. The unit takes water from below the top surface layer and returns it to the same layer.

Q.  Will the Pond Breather cause temperature swings in the pond?
A.  No. The Pond Breather is not a heater. It provides only enough heat to maintain a clear channel through the unit.

Q.  Will the Pond Breather super cool the pond?
A.  No. A slight amount of heat is added to make up for heat loss to the air.

Q.  How much does it cost to operate?
A.  The Pond Breather uses less than 40 watts of electricity - slightly more than a night-light.

Q.  What happens if the electricity goes out and the water freezes the unit?
A.  The Pond Breather will thaw itself and resume operation within a couple of hours of electric power being restored.

Q.  How is the Pond Breather more efficient than a heater or de-icer?
A.  Many heaters and de-icers expend large amounts of energy to keep a hole open in the ice. The Pond Breather uses only a fraction of the energy used by heaters or de-icers. Also, the Pond Breather pumps a steady stream of water to expose thousands of times more water surface area to air than conventional de-icers for efficient gas exchange.

Q.  Can I run the Pond Breather during the summer?
A.  Yes. The Pond Breather can be operated year-round to increase gas exchange and oxygenation in a pond.

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