Bird-safe FlightSuit with Leash by Avian Fashions: Revolutionary Flight Suits Bird Diapers
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FlightSuit with Leash

FlightSuit w/Leash
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How are FlightSuits engineered?
A.  The unique, patented "POOP-pouch" is in simple terms, a "V" shaped extension at the end of each specially sized suit. It catches the waste as it lands. Meanwhile, the upper part of this "V" shields and protects the bird from further contact. It is a simple and novel concept, yet complex in that it must be designed to precise specifications with just the right dimensions for each species of bird to work properly.

Q.  How long can birds wear FlightSuits?
A.  While we have seen FlightSuits last much longer, we strongly recommend they be changed every four to six hours. The unique design of the patented POOP-pouch allows easy monitoring.

Q.  Are FlightSuits suitable for all birds?
A.  Most, but not all. FlightSuits are ideal for hand-tamed birds, who enjoy being out and about with their owners. Starting young greatly increases the chance of success. The key to success for any bird is closely following the conditioning strategies included with the FlightSuit. Regardless, birds that interact well with others will likely welcome the freedom that FlightSuits provide.

Q.  Do FlightSuits allow birds to still fly?
A.  Yes. While we recommend wing clipping for safety reasons, birds are able to fly in FlightSuits, as the wings are in no way constrained. The attachable/detachable lanyard keeps birds safely grounded as needed.

Q.  With FlightSuits, does the waste contact the bird?
A.  No. The beauty of FlightSuits, and that which made them "patentable" is that they contain the waste away from the bird!

Q.  Are FlightSuits reusable?
A.  Yes. One of the FlightSuit's best features is that it is indefinitely reusable!

Q.  "Can birds chew through FlightSuits?"
A.  FlightSuits are very durable and guaranteed for workmanship. Some birds may initially be intrigued by and nibble at the hook & loop closure, though most will not. This strip is the only part some nimble birds can reach. More common, we find birds so delighted to be out and about, they quickly forget they are on! Pet bird quality of life and disposition is enhanced.

Q.  Do FlightSuits allow birds to preen?
A.  Absolutely! FlightSuits cover a portion of a bird - so they are still able to preen tail feathers, legs, breast and neck.

Q.  Are FlightSuits hot? Will birds overheat?
A.  Absolutely not. In fact, they are designed to be cool as they are made of Lycra - the very same fabric swimsuits are made of.

Q.  How do I clean the FlightSuit?
A.  Easy! Because of the superior lasting quality of fabric used to tailor FlightSuits, they need only be turned inside out, placed in a lingerie bag, washed by hand and air dried in a couple of hours.

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