Aquarium Maintenance & Plumbing: Auto Top Off Controller
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Whether you are setting up a new fish tank or taking your aquarium hobby to the next level, Drs. Foster and Smith has the aquarium supplies and fish supplies you need! Order your aquarium supplies online and get them delivered right to your door!

Choose from our great selection of fish tanks and complete aquarium kits. Whether you are setting up a nano aquarium, a betta bowl, or a 100 gallon reef tank, you will find the fish tank supplies you need here. We also offer a complete line of pumps, tubing, thermometers, and tank substrates, in addition to filters and filter media. Decorate and personalize your fish aquarium with our complete selection of aquarium décor.

Freshwater, saltwater, and reef tank inhabitants all have specific dietary needs. Check out our wide variety of fish foods, including foods for carnivores, bottom feeders, corals and invertebrates. We also offer medicated foods, tropical diets, and frozen foods like brine shrimp, krill, plankton, algae, and blood worms. Set your fish food up to be auto-delivered and never run out again!

Support the health of your aquarium with our complete line of fish tank health supplies, including bacterial and fungal treatment medications, parasite additives for marine tanks, coral and reef vitamins, water conditioners, and clarifiers. We also carry LED aquarium lighting, fluorescent fixtures, and other lighting accessories to fit your aquarium lighting needs.

We carry a full line of supplies specific to saltwater aquariums and reef tanks, including testing kits, protein skimmers, refugium supplies, coral propagation supplies, and reef salt.

Drs. Foster and Smith carries the most trusted aquarium supply and fish food brands, including JBJ, Eshopps, Fluval, Tetra, Cobalt, Coralife, Instant Ocean, Hikari, and more! We also maintain a great selection of educational articles and expert information to help you become a great aquarist


Auto Top Off Controller

Auto Top Off Controller
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