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The Pet Loo and Mini Wee

The Pet Loo and Mini Wee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the reason behind the size of The Pet Loo?
A.  The Pet Loo has been designed with a well developed understanding of animal behavior. When the time comes to use The Pet Loo your pet needs to feel comfortable before relieving himself, and more often than not he will circle a couple of times before actually going. The Pet Loo is of adequate size to allow for this behavior.

Q.  What about poo?
A.  As you would in a normal backyard, simply scoop the poo off the unit and dispose of it in the toilet.

Q.  What if I have a large dog?
A.  The Pet Loo has been designed for dogs of all sizes. A small to medium sized dog will comfortably use The Pet Loo yet should you have a bigger dog, simply push two or more Loos together.

Q.  How do I clean it?
A.  To clean the product, simply remove the grass and use a cloth and hot water to sponge the base down. Cleaning products (especially those containing citrus) may repel the dog. To clean the grass, simply rinse it with warm water while on the base, or remove and hose it down (in the shower if necessary).

Q.  Does it smell?
A.  If kept clean, The Pet Loo will not smell as it has been designed to expel the maximum amount of urine possible and the base will not absorb any liquid.

Q.  How often do I need to clean it?
A.  We recommend that a bucket of water be poured over the grass and the jug emptied every day.

Q.  Can I move The Pet Loo around or does it have to stay in one place?
A.  The Pet Loo is suitable for indoors and out. It can be easily moved around to complement your daily activities.

Q.  Do I have to put it together myself?
A.  The Pet Loo is bought as one piece. The work involved in assembling the product has been done for you, allowing you to simply enjoy its benefits.

Q.  Can I buy more than one and join them together?
A.  The Pet Loo has been designed so that two or more can easily be placed next to one another to create the feel of a park.

Q.  Can all animals use it or is it designed for Dogs only?
A.  Different animals may use The Pet Loo for different purposes. While it is used by dogs for toileting purposes, cats may enjoy the feel or relaxing on the rough surface, while The Pet Loo may be used as an exercise area for smaller pets.

Q.  Will my pet take to The Pet Loo automatically?
A.  In some cases, the specific surface association with The Pet Loo grass will prompt your pet to naturally go toilet without any training whatsoever. However, some pets will need enticing and The Pet Loo is by no means a magical solution, or somewhere your pet will take to automatically.

Q.  How often do I have to change the synthetic grass?
A.  The grass is of the finest quality and if looked after, replacement may not be necessary at all. However should you decide to change the grass, a replacement piece can be ordered.

Q.  How do I empty the jug?
A.  Just use the handle to remove the jug and pour its contents down the toilet.

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