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PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door
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3.5X more energy efficient than single flap doors!
As low as $49.95
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How big of a hole do I need to cut in order to install the door?
A.  The hole that needs to be cut varies from door size to size. The openings that need to be cut for each size are: Small 7-5/8" by 10-3/16" high, Medium 9-5/8" by 14-3/16" high, and Large 11-5/8" by 19-1/4" high. To aid in installation, the door comes with a template for the hole size.

Q.  In what kind of door can I install the Extreme Weather Pet Door?
A.  The Extreme Weather Pet Door can be installed in any standard interior or exterior door or wall. The Pet Door cannot be installed in a patio door, however, we do carry a PetSafe Patio Panel door that can be used with a patio door.

Q.  How do the flaps stay closed in the wind?
A.  Magnets are placed in each corner of the flap that hold it closed. The magnets are strong enough to hold the flap shut but not too strong for the dog not to be able to open it when he enters or exits the house.

Q.  Do I have to train my dog to use the door?
A.  When you install the pet door a certain amount of training may be necessary. If you are having a problem getting your dog to use the door, put the dog on one side of the door and yourself on the other side. Then use a snack to lure your dog through the door. It should only take a few times to get your dog use to using the door. If you are still experiencing problems, try propping open the door so your dog can easily access the outside without the flap.

Q.  Will the pet door keep other animals outside?
A.  Except when the closing panel is in place, any animal may enter and exit. If you want only your pet to enter and exit, consider purchasing the PetSafe SmartDoor.

Q.  My dog weighs 100 lbs. Can I use this pet door?
A.  If your dog is 100 lbs. or over, measure the height and width of your dog to find out if he will fit through the opening. As long as your dog fits through the opening, it makes no difference what he weighs.

Q.  Does the door come with all the mounting hardware?
A.  All of the screws, weather stripping, and parts needed come with the door. The only extra items needed are the tools.

Q.  Is there a way to close off the door completely?
A.  The Extreme Weather Pet Door can be completely closed off with the closing panel. The closing panel easily snaps into the lip on the frame.

Q.  What tools do I need to install the door?
A.  The tools you will need to install your door include: jig saw, drill with 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" drill bits, screwdriver, wire cutters, long nail, and pencil. There are some other tools that aren't necessary, but a good idea to use: ruler, bubble level, and a carpenter's square.

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