Pet Grooming: Andis AGC Professional Clipper Kit
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Andis AGC Professional Clipper

Andis AGC Professional Clipper
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much maintenance do I have to do on the clipper?
A.  There is no maintenance required for the internal mechanism of the clipper. The only maintenance required for the Andis clipper is oiling and cleaning the blade and housing cavity (opening where the blade attaches to the clipper).  

Q.  Is it hard to change the blades?
A.  The blades are very easy to change. To change the blade, press the blade release lever, lift up the blade, and slide the blade off the blade hinge. To put on the new blade, all you need to do is slide the blade on the blade hinge, turn the clipper on and snap into place.

Q.  Do I need to buy different blades or can I use the #10 blade for everything?
A.  The #10 blade is a good general cutting blade. There is a guide on our website that shows the different blades used for different breeds of dogs. Depending what kind of dog you have and what you will be using the clipper for, you may need to purchase additional blades.

Q.  Can I use the blades from my Oster clipper on this clipper?
A.  The blades from the Oster Model A5 are compatible with the Andis 2 Speed Clipper.

Q.  Will the noise from the clipper scare my dog?
A.  The noise the Andis clipper should not scare your dog. If your dog is very skittish there is a chance the clipper may frighten him, but the clipper runs very quiet.

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