Dis-Taste for Dogs | Stop Dog Stool Eating with Extra-Strength Dis-Taste
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Extra Strength Dis-Taste Chewables by Drs. Foster & Smith

Extra Strength Dis-Taste Chewables by Drs. Foster & Smith
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  My dog is eating cat stool. Can Dis-Taste be given to cats?
A.  Dis-Taste is manufactured for use in dogs only. If your dog is eating your cat's stool, we carry For-Bid, another product that is used for stool eating that can be given to your cat to help stop your dog from eating your cat's stool. You may also want to consider keeping the litter box where the dog can't get at it.

Q.  Is there anything else I should do other than give Drs. Foster & Smith Dis-Taste?
A.  Changing the diet to one that is lower in carbohydrates and more digestible may make the stools less appealing. Increasing daily exercise also helps. The most important thing the owner can do is to make sure that the stool is not available, which may require a change in your pet's housing or increasing the frequency of waste clean up.

Q.  How does Dis-Taste compare to other products like For-Bid?
A.  Dis-Taste and For-Bid are both made from vegetables. Dis-Taste is made out of natural fermented vegetable extract, while For-Bid is made out of vegetable protein. For-Bid may be used in dogs, cats, and horses and is in a powder form. Dis-Taste is manufactured for dogs only, but comes in an easy to administer pill, that can be given whole, like a treat, or crumbled and added to your dog's food.

Q.  What is the active ingredient that makes this work?
A.  The active ingredient that makes Dis-Taste work is the Natural Fermented Vegetable Extract, and it works by passing through the intestines and reacting with the stools, making them so unpalatable that even the most habitual stool eaters will avoid them.

Q.  Why does my dog eat his stools?
A.  Dogs eat their stools for a variety of reasons, and this is actually a very common occurrence especially in puppies. One of the primary reasons dogs eat their stools is because as descendants of scavenging predators they have been doing this as a survival technique in lean times for thousands of years. Some dogs will do this out of boredom and still others find the taste appealing, especially when the dogs are fed a high quantity of poorly digested carbohydrates. Other dogs learn the behavior from another resident dog. For whatever reason it occurs, once it is started it then becomes a bad habit and needs to be corrected.

Q.  Will it hurt my dog if I give him Dis-Taste for more than two weeks?
A.  The all-natural ingredients in Drs. Foster & Smith Dis-Taste will not hurt your dog when given at the recommended maintenance dosage. Some dogs may require a maintenance dose for longer than two weeks, which is fine. We do not recommend giving the double dose for more than two weeks.

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