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Sofa Scram

Sofa Scram
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can this be used outside?
A.  Yes, the Sofa Scram can be used outdoors when weather conditions are fair. We do not recommend the unit be used in rainy, windy weather.

Q.  How does the Sofa Scram work?
A.  Place the Sofa Scram in the "off limits" area. When your pet steps on the pad, an alarm will sound that will startle your pet. Quickly guide your pet off the forbidden area.

Q.  If my pet does not get off the Sofa Scram will it eventually shut off?
A.  Sofa Scram is a safe, humane, and painless way to keep your pet out of "off limits" areas. The alarm will shut off and reset itself when your pet steps off the mat. 

Q.  What is it made of?
A.  Sofa Scram is made of easy to clean black nylon that measures 12" wide x 55-1/2" long.

Q.  What type of battery is used? How long will it last?
A.  The Sofa Scram operates on a 9-volt battery; battery life will depend on how much your unit is used.

Q.  Will the Sofa Scram shock my pet?
A.  The Sofa Scram is a safe and effective non-shock training device that will not cause pain to your pet. This unit is a great way to train your pets to stay off furniture, counters etc, without an electric shock.

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