Pet Doors: Small Dog/Large Cat Door for Dogs
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Small Dog/Large Cat Door

Small Dog/Large Cat Door
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Which side of the pet door should be on the interior of the house?
A.  You should install the Large Cat Door so that the red and green locking tabs are on the interior of your house for ease in lock adjustment. 

Q.  Can this pet door be installed in a glass panel?
A.  Yes, the Large Cat Door can be placed in a glass panel. Since cutting glass can be tricky we recommend that you contact a local glazier (glass cutter) and have them do it for you. If your glass is a toughened glass, it cannot be cut, so you must replace the glass panel with a regular glass panel or a clear heavy plastic panel if you wish to install it at that spot.

Q.  How high up on my door should I install this pet door?
A.  Install door so that the bottom of the door is at the same height as the bottom of your pet's abdomen. To best determine the height measure from your pet's stomach to the floor when he or she is standing normally. 

Q.  What is a four-way locking system?
A.  The four-way locking system means that there are four different positions to have the door in: fully opened (pet can go out & come in), fully closed (locked), in only (pet can only come in from the outside), and out only (pet can only go out from the inside). Having all of these different choices means you can better control your pet. 

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