Rescue Remedy Pet: Natural Stress Relief
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Rescue Remedy

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Rescue Remedy
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Offer your pet a natural, on-the-tongue approach to support calm behavior!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long does it take for the calming effect to start?
A.  The amount of time that it takes for the calming effects to begin depends on the situation for which you are using Rescue Remedy. If you need your pet calm for a trip to the veterinarian or groomer, we recommend administering Rescue Remedy to him 30-60 minutes prior to the stressful situation. Be patient and remember that you pet will also feed off of your anxieties; it is best to remain unfazed in your pet's presence.

Q.  How long does one dose usually last?
A.  The length of time that each dose lasts is different for each pet and/or situation. The amount of stress that your pet is under will be the main deciding factor in how long one dose will take to calm him.

Q.  Can I give my pet Rescue Remedy every day? Is it habit forming?
A.  Yes, Rescue Remedy can be given to your pet every day because it is not habit forming. For chronic situations you may administer 4 times a day.

Q.  How long should I wait between doses?
A.  Your pet should begin to show signs of relaxing in a stressful situation within a half-hour of receiving Rescue Remedy. If no results are seen after a half-hour, you can safely give another dose.

Q.  Is it safe to give Rescue Remedy to a pregnant animal?
A.  Before giving Rescue Remedy (or any other supplement) to a pet that is pregnant or lactating, seek your veterinarian's advice.

Q.  Does a heavier animal need a larger dose?
A.  No. The dosage size is the same for all sizes of pets. The dosage is 4 drops into your pet's food or water or directly into your pet's mouth as needed to help relieve stress.

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