Lyme Vaccines
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Lyme Vaccines

Lyme Vaccines
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the best age to vaccinate a puppy against Lyme disease?
A.  We recommend vaccinating your puppy against Lyme disease at 12 and 15 weeks of age, but the vaccine can be given as early as 9 weeks.

Q.  Do I give the Lyme vaccine yearly?
A.  Yes. To give your dog the best protection against Lyme disease, the Lyme vaccine must be given once a year after the initial booster series.

Q.  Can I give the Lyme vaccine in the same syringe as my dog’s yearly booster?
A.  No. You should always use a new, sterile needle and syringe each time you give a vaccine or any injectable medication. Also, you should never mix vaccines and try to administer them together. Once done, safely dispose of the needle and syringe in the proper way, by either taking it to your pharmacist or veterinarian and/or disposing of it in a “sharps” container.

Q.  Can it be given the same day as my dog’s yearly booster?
A.  Yes. You can give your dog his yearly vaccines and a Lyme vaccine on the same day, but do not administer in the same site on the body (i.e., use right and left shoulder).

Q.  If my dog already has Lyme disease, will this vaccine help him?
A.  No. The Lyme vaccine is not a cure for Lyme disease; it is a preventative. If your dog is showing signs of Lyme disease, take him to his veterinarian immediately for testing and treatment. Once he has completed his treatment and you have gotten the okay from your veterinarian, you can then administer the vaccine.

Q.  How do I know if my dog needs a Lyme vaccine?
A.  Your dog should be vaccinated for Lyme disease if you live in an area where deer ticks and Lyme disease are a concern, or if you will be traveling to an area where ticks are present. Also, dogs that are taken hunting or field training will benefit from the extra security that vaccinating against Lyme disease provides.

Q.  Does my dog need to be tested for Lyme disease before being vaccinated?
A.  No. You do not need to have your dog tested for Lyme disease before administering the vaccine unless he is showing symptoms of Lyme disease. If he is showing signs of the disease such as high fever, shifting leg lameness, lethargy, swelling of the joints, and loss of appetite take him to his veterinarian immediately for diagnostic tests.

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