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Dental Clens Pads by Drs. Foster & Smith

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Dental Clens Pads by Drs. Foster & Smith
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  If I use the Dental Clens products do I still have to brush my pet's teeth with toothpaste?
A.  The Dental Cleanser or Dental Clens pads should be sufficient for dental care. If you find that your pet's teeth still need some extra attention, you can also brush their teeth with toothpaste.

Q.  How many Dental Clens Pads do I need each time I clean my pet’s teeth?
A.  The amount of pads to use during each cleaning depends on how big your dog is plus how much plaque your dog's teeth have.

Q.  How do I use the Dental Clens Pads and Dental Cleanser?
A.  The Dental Clens Pads can easily be wiped over your pet's teeth to clean them. The Dental Cleanser can be used with a toothbrush, a swab, or as an oral rinse. If you are using a toothbrush or a swab, dip it into a cup or a bowl filled with the solution and gently brush your pet's teeth. Dip the brush or swab as needed. If you use it as an oral rinse, simply squirt cleaner in mouth and massage over gums and teeth.

Q.  Can I use the solution or the pads every day?
A.  The Dental Cleanser and Dental Clens Pads are safe to be used everyday. A daily dental cleansing routine is beneficial to your pet's teeth and overall health.

Q.  Do I have to use both the solution and the pads?
A.  Some people find that one product is easier to use than the other. We have the two products to give you more options on cleaning your pet's teeth. If your pet has a lot of build up on his teeth you may want to use both, but it is not required.  

Q.  Will this help my pet's breath?
A.  Yes. During cleaning, the bacteria that causes bad breath is removed from your pet's mouth. There is also a peppermint flavor in both products to freshen your pet's breath.

Q.  What is chlorhexidine and what does it do?
A.  Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial agent that kills bacteria. Bacteria are one of the major factors causing plaque.

Q.  Is it safe if my pet swallows some of the Dental Cleanser?
A.  Dental Cleanser can be ingested; your pet will swallow a small amount during cleaning. Swallowing some of the cleaner should not cause a problem for your pet.

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