Pet odors: Odor Crystals
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Odor Crystals

Odor Crystals
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How many bags of Pet-Clear Crystals do I need in each room?
A.  One bag of Pet-Clear Crystals should be sufficient to fight odors in most rooms. If the room is very large, or you if you have more than 3 pets, you may want to add a second bag, to have one bag at each end of the room.

Q.  How far away from the litter box should I place a bag of Pet-Clear Crystals?
A.  There is no set distance that you need to place the Pet-Clear Crystals from the litter box; however, you will want them in the same room. Remember to keep them out of your pet's reach, so that he doesn't tear open the bag.

Q.  Do the Pet-Clear Crystals have a scent?
A.  The Pet-Clear Crystals have no perfumes, chemical cover-ups, or fragrances of their own. They absorb the odors out of the air; they do not cover them up.

Q.  Do the Pet-Clear Crystals remove non-pet odors?
A.  The Pet-Clear Crystals are made out of 100% all-natural volcanic minerals that absorb pet associated odors.

Q.  How long do I need to leave the crystals in the sun? How long do you soak them in salt water?
A.  To renew odor-fighting power, place the Pet-Clear Crystals in the sun for 6-8 hours every 8-10 months. To refresh the odor-fighting power, every 3 years, or as needed, soak your Pet-Clear Crystals in a 10% saltwater solution for 24 hours, rinse with fresh water, and set in the sun to dry.

Q.  If my pet chews the bag open, is there a risk of poison?
A.  If your pet chews open the bag of Pet-Clear Crystals there is no risk of poison. The crystals are 100% all-natural, non-toxic, volcanic minerals.

Q.  If the bag of Pet-Clear Crystals tears, can I put them into a different bag and use them?
A.  Yes. You can store Pet-Clear Crystals in any bag that offers good airflow. Some of our customers have stored them in old pantyhose legs, tying them off at the top.

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