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PetSafe® Drinkwell® Original Pet Fountain

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PetSafe® Drinkwell® Original Pet Fountain
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is the Drinkwell Pet Fountain noisy?
A.  No, one of the great features about the Drinkwell Pet Fountain is its quietness. In fact, the only sound your pet will hear is running water. It is quieter than most faucets when they are left running.

Q.  Does the filter remove food particles from the water?
A.  The filter removes tastes and odors from the water, but it does not remove food particles. The opening that pulls the water into the filter chamber has a grate over it to prevent food particles from blocking it. If your cat tends to leave food particles in the water, you must clean the bowl more often.

Q.  Does the Drinkwell Pet Fountain keep the water cold?
A.  The fountain does not keep the water cold. If you want to offer your cat some refreshing cold water, just throw a few ice cubes into the bowl and the water will be cooled as it is circulated.

Q.  Do I have to use the filters and water reservoir with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain?
A.  It is not necessary to use the filters or the water reservoir with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. The filters will remove odors and tastes out of tap water, and the water reservoir will give you an additional 6 cups of water to be sure that your pet has enough. This is especially important if you have multiple cats, are going to be away for a weekend, or if the weather is very hot and humid; when your pet may be drinking more water.

Q.  How often does the filter need to be changed?
A.  The manufacturer suggests that you change the filters every 6-8 weeks. It also recommends that you rinse the filter out with water (do not use soap) each time that you clean the fountain.

Q.  I have dogs, would the fountain be a good choice as an automatic waterer for my dogs?
A.  The Drinkwell Pet Fountain can be used for small dogs, but is not recommended for medium size dogs or larger. A larger dog could tip over the fountain, or drink it dry, causing the motor to run dry and damage it. If you are using it for your cat and you also have a larger dog (or small children), it is recommended that you place the fountain up where only the cat can reach it.

Q.  How often do I need to change the water in the fountain?
A.  You should clean the bowl and add fresh water the same as you would with a regular bowl. If the fountain is not cleaned on a regular basis it could cause damage to the motor. 

Q.  If my pet drinks all the water while I’m away, will it hurt the fountain?
A.  Yes, you should never allow the fountain to run 'dry'. If it is left on without water in it, it will damage and possibly break the motor.  

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