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PetSafe® Wireless Pet Containment System™ Accessories

PetSafe® Wireless Pet Containment System™ Accessories
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  • Stubborn Dog Stay+Play Wireless
    Fence Rechargeable Receiver Collar
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Please note: Return of electrical equipment to Drs. Foster & Smith for exchange or refund is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 days, please contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement as covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is the PetSafe Instant Wireless Fence difficult to set up?
A.  Setting up the fence can be done within minutes. Simply set the perimeter where desired, set up the boundary flags, and you are ready to start training. The PetSafe Instant Wireless Fence comes with a training video to help you get started. 

Q.  How do I start training with this system?
A.  Your pet should wear the collar for the first 3-5 days without the receiver being activated. This way the dog does not learn that the collar causes the correction, but rather that getting closer to the yard boundary causes the correction.  

Q.  How long will it take to train my pet?
A.  Training time depends on your pet and on consistency in training. It's important to follow the training guides that are included with your fence. The more time you take, and the more consistent you are, the better the results will be when training is complete. 

Q.  Where do I install the transmitter for the PetSafe Instant Fence system?

We recommend that you install your PetSafe Instant Fence on the first floor of your home, in close proximity to a grounded, non-switched, 110-volt AC outlet. If your yard has hilly terrain, we recommend that you mount it about 6'-8' off the floor. For flat terrain, install 2'-4' off the floor. The area should be clean, dry, protected, and non-metallic. The transmitter should be at least 3' away from heavy wiring and main water and power lines. It should not be placed within 3' of metal appliances such as water heaters, or laundry appliances. A slope in your yard may affect the circular radio pattern: mount the transmitter accordingly.

Q.  Are the batteries in the receiver rechargeable?
A.  No. The 3-volt lithium batteries in the receiver are replaceable, not rechargeable.

Q.  Are there any special instructions for installing the batteries into the receiver?
A.  Yes, you need to be within 10 feet of the transmitter when you install the batteries. They need to be installed with the positive side up on both batteries.

Q.  Does the correction get stronger as the pet gets closer to the boundary?
A.  This system contains a warning tone, which will sound before the correction is given. The strength of the correction stays at the same level, and does not increase in strength.  

Q.  How long does the battery last?
A.  Battery life depends on how many times your pet passes through the boundaries, and the correction is activated. Batteries should be checked every 30 days to make sure they are working properly.  

Q.  How long should the flags stay in place?
A.  Generally the flags should remain in place for at least 2 weeks. In some cases, it could take as long as 30 days.  

Q.  How much does the receiver weigh?
A.  The receiver for the PetSafe Instant Fence weighs only 2 ounces, making it great for dogs of all sizes.

Q.  I have a shorthaired dog now, but we are planning to get a longhaired dog the next time. Will I be able to use the same collar on the new dog?
A.  Yes, the collars come with two sets of interchangeable probes, one for longhaired dogs, and one for shorthaired dogs. Just put the extra probes in a safe place, where you'll be able to retrieve them from when you need them.

Q.  Is the PetSafe Instant Fence system waterproof?
A.  The manufacturer states that the receiver in the PetSafe Instant Fence system is waterproof; your pet can wear it in the rain, but not swimming. The transmitter should be kept out of the elements, preferably in your home or garage.

Q.  What is the "Safe Zone?"
A.  The "Safe Zone" is the area where your pet can roam free without receiving a correction.  

Q.  What type of batteries does the PetSafe Instant Fence use?
A.  The receiver (collar) for the PetSafe Instant Fence uses two, 6-volt, lithium batteries. The collar comes with batteries, and replacement batteries are available at most hardware or department stores.

Q.  Will the correction harm my pet?
A.  The correction felt by your pet is more like static electricity, rather than an electric shock. While the correction is unpleasant to your pet, it will not harm him. The PetSafe Instant Wireless Fence is a safe and humane way to train your dog.  

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