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Puppy: Easy Buy Bundle
Everything you need for your new puppy!
Puppies grow up fast. Therefore, you want to make sure you are offering them the best start possible. That's why we've taken the time to select all the things your growing puppy needs. Our Easy-Buy Bundle Tool saves you time that you can use in other important ways - like training and playing with your pup.

From dog beds to bowls, from Piddle Pads® to flea and tick protection, you'll find your puppy's essentials right here. Click the Easy-Buy Bundle Tool to get one pre-selected favorite from each category. We've carefully chosen some of our best-built and most popular items.

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Overview of items your puppy needs:
Beds BEDS: Get a comfortable bed with edges, so your pup can snuggle in deep to re-create the sleep experience he had with his litter mates.     Piddle Pads PIDDLE PADS®: The most absorbent pad we offer for housetraining your puppy. Protects your floors, too.
Dog Food FOOD: Only a veterinarian formulated Dry Puppy Food will meet your puppy’s unique life-stage growth and energy needs. Our puppy food includes delicious real chicken, wholesome brown rice, and fresh fruits and vegetables.     Dog Bowl DOG BOWLS: Your puppy’s smaller mouth and portion requirement mean you’ll need dog bowls or a feeder specially suited to meet his needs.
Flea & Tick Control for Dogs FLEA/TICK: In many areas of the country, fleas and ticks are a threat year round. Avoid an infestation from these diseasecausing pests with the use of preventives.     Dog Crate CRATE: A properly-sized crate or kennel is essential for providing your pup a secure retreat when you cannot supervise him, for travel to veterinary appointments, or for night sleeping.
Collar, Lead & Tag for your Puppy COLLAR/LEAD/TAG: Collars should be introduced to your puppy right away. When coupled with a lead, a collar becomes the basis for your initial obedience training. Tags provide important identification should your puppy become lost.     Toys for Puppies TOYS: Dog toys help keep your pup entertained and offer you opportunities to bond. Toys are especially important to teething puppies in order to give them an appropriate outlet for chewing.
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