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Pond Water UV Clarifier
7 results

Oase Vitronic UV-C Clarifier

As low as $139.00
Compact, easy-to-install UV-C clarifier boasts modular design for universal appeal. Oase Vitronic UV-C Clarifier features a simple yet flexible design compatible with all pond filtration systems. Powerful UV-C clarifier emits cleansing ultraviolet light to effectively reduce unsightly green pond water algae and the growth of harmful pathogens. Oase Vitronic UV-C Clarifier is also easy to ...
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Laguna UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

As low as $18.99
Redesigned pond ultraviolet clarifier simplifies bulb replacementOptimize pond UV performance with a new UV bulb each seasonCleansing UV light eliminates unsightly green pond water algaeChemical-free way to keep ponds and water gardens clean & clear New design simplifies pond UV (ultraviolet) lamp replacement for optimum clarifier performance. Laguna UV sterilizer/clarifier streamlines the ...
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Tetra Pond Water Clarifier

As low as $10.99
Fast-acting water clarifier for ponds, garden ponds, and water featuresClumps contaminants and allows pond filtration to work more efficientlyPond conditioner helps clear cloudy and discolored pond water Fast-acting water conditioner for crystal clear ponds and water gardens. TetraPond Water Clarifier (formerly AquaRem) clumps suspended particulate matter for easier removal by filtration ...
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PondCare Accu-Clear Pond Clarifier

As low as $8.99
PondCare Accu-Clear Pond Clarifier quickly clears floating particles, cloudy and murky water. Fast-acting solution helps maintain crystal clear ponds and water gardens. Clumps tiny particles together so they settle to the bottom or can be removed by the filter. Use anytime pond water is cloudy or hazy. 16 ounce treats 4,800 gallons. Please click on "More Information" for directions for ...
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Cal Pump UV Clarifier

As low as $179.99
Enhance pond filtration with this easy-to-install UV clarifierVersatile ultraviolet clarifier for cleaner, clearer pond waterInstall in new or existing pond filters to control green water algae Enjoy the best possible pond water clarity with this in-line or standalone fixture. Multipurpose and versatile, this external-use pond ultraviolet clarifier features state-of-the-art magnetic ballast ...
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Tetra Pond UVC GreenFree® Ultraviolet Clarifier

As low as $25.99
Powerful UV clarifier keeps pond water clean and "green free"UV light effectively destroys unsightly green pond water algaeEnjoy crystal clear pond water with minimal effort and maintenance Tackle heavy pond algae blooms with safe, cleansing ultraviolet light. The Tetra Pond UVC GreenFree Ultraviolet Clarifier makes it simple to achieve clean, clear pond water all season long. ...
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Oase Bitron C UV-C Pond Clarifier

As low as $499.00
Powerful, self-cleaning UV-C pond clarifier features built-in flow control to ensure optimal performance. Oase Bitron C UV-C Pond Clarifier stands above conventional models featuring a clever self-cleaning design. Water flow through the UV unit continuously propels the cleaning rotor across the quartz sleeve to remove performance-robbing film and buildup, maximizing the cleansing effect of ...
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