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Plush Treat Toys
6 results

Hide N Seek Dog Toys

As low as $9.99
Puzzling toys reward your dog with a hidden treat or plush squeakerPlayful critters challenge your dog's intelligenceIntriguing toys teach your dog to seek them out of hiding Develop your dog's intelligence with these challenging puzzle toys. These squeaky critters win your dog's attention; insert them into the tree, hive, or house and watch him work to root them out. These ...
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Tennis Ball Launcher by Nerf

As low as $11.99
Foot-activated rubber stomper with plastic neck Launches tennis ball up to 100 feet Exercise your dog without hurting your arms No more tired arms playing fetch until your dog is tired! Durable, interactive launching toy lets you use the power of your legs to launch a ball up to 100 feet for your dog to fetch. Simply place flat part ...
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Animal Print Toys for Cats

As low as $3.99
Lightweight, polyfilled Animal Print Toys bring out kitty's wild side Funky patterns plus feather or felt adornments for a textural treat Perfect for swatting, chasing, and pouncing Bring out kitty's wild side with Animal Print Toys. Lightweight polyfilled toys with funky patterns entice hours of swatting, chasing, and pouncing. Plus, feather or felt adornments offer varied textures no cat ...
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Claw Tuff Punch Ball for Cats

As low as $4.49
Your cat has double the fun when he plays with this double-featured toy. First, your cat appreciates the scratchable, carpeted base. Then he'll bat at the toy-on-a spring that sticks enticingly out of the top. Base is constructed of 1" thick, durable plywood and stain-resistant carpet. Spring is metal, and toy at top is plush stuffed with polyfil and treated ...
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Barn Puzzle Toy for Dogs

As low as $12.99
Engage your dog's playful mind with puzzle toysEach hideout conceals 3 colorful plush squeak toys inside Puzzle your smart dog and triple playtime fun! Hideout Barn conceals three mini plush toys inside. Your dog's challenge is to figure out how to wrestle them free through one of the seemingly too small portals. Once they're out, though, there's three times the ...
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Ginormous Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy

As low as $17.99
The Ginormous Hide A Squirrel dog toy offers big fun for dogs who crave challenging play. This tricky plush puzzle toy helps develop your dog's intelligence and problem-solving skills as he removes the 6 plush squirrels through the trunk's 5 just-big-enough holes. Once your dog has removed all the squirrels from the toy, you can easily replace them in the ...
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