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Plush Personalized Dog Furniture
6 results

Deluxe Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed

As low as $89.99
Supportive bolster dog bed with reflective thermal layer Reflects your pet's body heat back to him to warm without electricity Overstuffed bolster and base offer essential support and security Not only does this dog bed provide den-like bolster support on three sides, but it also warms your pet without electricity. This unique bed has a thermal layer, quilted right into ...
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Cuffed Pet Pillow Dog Bed

As low as $29.99
Quality dog bed stylishly tailored to resemble an elegant pillow Ultra-soft plush pairs with textured upholstery for 2X the style Pillow-like comfort perfect for dogs that love to nestle Nestle-in comfort for your dog, coupled with style you're proud to show off in your home. Cuffed Pet Pillow Dog Bed blends modern style and pet comfort for a sumptuous dog ...
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Self-Warming Round Comfy Sleeper

As low as $59.99
Does your dog need a place to cuddle up on chilly days or nights and dream her own particular sweet dreams? This comforting nesting bed may be the one she seeks. Unique two-layer inside fabric offers heat without wires. Layer one works as insulation to capture heat while layer 2 reflects the warmth back to the pet, keeping your dog ...
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Jax & Bones Tweed Napper Bedding for Dogs

As low as $178.00
USA-made fine luxury bedding for dogs boast furniture grade fabrics Provides an incredibly comfortable place for your dog to take a nap Durable high-quality dog bed with removable inserts is also easy to clean Why choose practical over luxurious when you can enjoy both! Jax & Bones Tweed Napper Bedding for Dogs is fine quality bedding featuring a sophisticated tweed ...
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Jax & Bones Lounge Bedding for Dogs

As low as $260.00
USA-made luxury bedding for dogs in stylish contemporary patterns Sumptuous overstuffed bolsters offer dogs the perfect cuddling spot Removable inserts and machine-washable covers ease dog bed care Luxury USA-made dog beds in inspired contemporary patterns coordinate beautifully with home décor. Jax & Bones Lounge Bedding for Dogs goes well beyond the ordinary to deliver high quality ...
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SofSuede Bolster Couch

As low as $119.99
This dog bed is all luxury on the outside, all business underneath. It looks stylish, feels silky soft to the touch, and blends beautifully in any home. Underneath all that, your dog is getting the no-shift, superior support of 3" orthopedic foam. Soon to become your dog's own "couch," the place he's sure to get a restful sleep. It features ...
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