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Playful Cat Toy
8 results

Bumpin' and Groovin' Cat Toy

As low as $2.69
Watch your kitty chase, paw, and hunt these adorable, colorful mice for fantastic exercise and hours of playful fun. Rattle inside triggers the instinct you love to see and keeps your cat going after these pudgy mouse shapes to pounce and chase. Stuffed mice feature fabrics with nubs, corduroy, or other textures that cats love. Colorful, fun toys stimulate the ...
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Glow Tail Wand Toy

As low as $4.99
Teaser toy boasts glow lights for playful fun - even in the dark Long, soft tail is like a giant feather to lure cats into hunting mode You get to orchestrate all the fun from the 18" wand! This exciting cat toy gives a whole new meaning to the word "taillight". This toy's teasing tail features glow lights to lure ...
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Play 'N' Squeak Batting Practice

As low as $5.29
Plush hanging toy is exciting for alone play or bonding with you Toy emits a RealMouse™ squeaking sound that keeps your cat curious Plush toy hangs from inside door with included attachment, or remove for interactive play Bring out the natural hunter in your cat. Batting Practice is a plush mouse-on-a-string you attach to any door to dangle enticingly in ...
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Fat Cat Kitty Kahuna Toys

As low as $8.99
These fun, colorful, island-themed toys send your cat on a permanent vacation from boredom. They offer beach-style fun for indoor cats. Cabana Rama is the ultimate 2-in-1 toy, serving as both a hideout and a scratcher. Cabana Rama is constructed of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, offering cats a safe place to scratch to help curb destructive scratching on furniture and curtains. ...
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Angle Scratcher for Cats

As low as $12.79
Save your home furnishings with this catnip-treated scratcher Made with stain-resistant carpet and a sisal scratch surface USA-made scratcher entertains cats and conditions claws Prevent your cat from scratching on vertical furniture or other household surfaces by giving her a scratcher of her own. The Angle Scratcher is made of durable, stain-resistant carpeting with a sisal scratch surface ...
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Kong Cat Play Mat

As low as $9.99
3-in-1 toy offers lounging, scratching, and playtime fun Crinkle sounds drive your cat crazy Add catnip to this toy and watch your cat play for hours Kong Cat Play Mat offers multi-sensory allure that encourages playful romping, lounging, and scratching. Place sisal side up to entice kitty to trim and condition her claws. Ultra-soft plush side activates her playful, cuddly ...
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Enchanted Home Pet Scratch Zone Cardboard Cat Scratchers

As low as $26.99
Chic cardboard scratchers satiate the urge to scratch with therapeutic vertical AND horizontal scratching surfaces. Enchanted Home Pet Scratch Zone Cardboard Cat Scratchers feature an elevated multiple-surface design sure to please any cat that loves to scratch. Fun design allows multiple play options other than scratching so kitty can stretch, hide, or just perch. Aesthetically pleasing pet ...
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Orka Spool with String Cat Toy

As low as $2.29
Cats are lured in by this toy's irresistible catnip scent, but they become hooked by its unpredictable bounce. With one swat, this rubber spool bounces erratically to keep your cat guessing (and exercising). You can offer the first few tosses for interactive play fun, or throw it on the floor and let your cat go to work. The spool is ...
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