Natural Mosquito Control
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Hide-A-Dunk! is an attractive way to disguise your mosquito control Mosquitoes are naturally drawn to water because that's where their young develop. Pond areas lacking sufficient water movement provided by fountains or waterfalls can easily remain stagnant for long periods of time – allowing mosquito larvae to develop into pesky intruders at your backyard gatherings.

Unfortunately, many methods of mosquito control involve dispersing harsh synthetic chemicals into your yard killing indiscriminately, including beneficial insect species you wish to enjoy. There's a safer, more natural alternative to chemical eradication. Products containing the active ingredient Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) control mosquito populations without harming other living creatures or plant life.

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Bti is a naturally-occurring soil bacterium that is EPA-registered for use directly in ponds as a microbial larvicide. Once ingested by mosquito larvae, it quickly affects their gastro-intestinal cavity, then the entire body cavity, preventing the larvae from developing into biting, breeding adults.

The good news for you and your backyard friends is that Bti does not pose a risk to non-target life in and around the pond – including your fish, pets, and other wildlife.

So go ahead, plan that pond party you've been thinking about – after you safely get rid of those mosquitoes.

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