How to Keep Your Bird Warm, Even in Cooler Months
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Warming Your Bird

As a conscientious bird owner, you've taken great care to ensure a temperature-stable environment for your bird by placing her cage in a room absent of the effects of air conditioning and cold drafts. Still, your caged bird may "fluff-up" her feathers occasionally to tell you she's cold or stressed. If you've ruled out illness and just want to provide your bird some additional warmth, the following remedies should do the trick.

Heat lamps are an often-used option for warming a stressed bird. We recommend you follow a veterinarian's advice on how long to leave them on and how closely to place them. The Thermo-Perch radiates heat through your bird's feet. Leave it plugged in, so your bird simply hops onto it anytime she needs to warm up. You can also try our Bird Bunker, a fleece-lined nest your bird can crawl inside to keep her body heat close.

It is important for your bird's comfort that you provide a way for her to warm up when feeling stressed or chilled. It will go a long way to ensuring good health.


Bird Bunker

Tent-like bird bed keeps birds warm and sheltered

Cage Cover

Lightweight, washable, 5-ounce 100% cotton broadcloth stands up to repeated use.

Plastic ID Nametags - Laser Engraved

Maintains a temperature of 102°F, which is an optimal bird body temperature

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