AquaClear Pro Series, how to install
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AquaClear Pro Series Wet/Dry Filter Installing the AquaClear Pro Series Wet/Dry Filter
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Many hobbyists are aware of the benefits of a wet/dry filter but are intimidated by the installation. Following are step-by-step instructions for installing the AquaClear Pro Series Wet/Dry Filter to help demystify the plumbing process.*

*The installation of wet/dry filters will vary slightly from product to product but will rely on the same principles illustrated here.

Water Level Indicator
Note: The indicated water level of your filter is the minimum water level necessary to run this system properly.
Assemble main filter with the protein skimmer and skimmer pump and place filter unit with protein skimmer under aquarium stand at desired location.

Hang pre-filter on back of aquarium after attaching siphon overflow box to pre-filter box. Place siphon tube (U-tube) into pre-filter box and connect one end of the spiral drain hose to the slip fitting of the pre-filter and the other end to the bulkhead on the main filter below.

Attach black adjustable return spout to one end of vinyl tubing (return line) and the other end of the vinyl tube to the return pump (sold separately).

Attach 1/4" vinyl tubing to remote drain (barbed output) on protein skimmer cup. Place other end of vinyl tubing into a remote collection container such as a 2-liter plastic soda bottle.


Expert's Tip
Expert's Tip - Insert a small length of airline tubing into the siphon tube about halfway into the bend of the tube to start siphon.
Fill aquarium with water until water begins to fill the siphon overflow box (inside aquarium). Fill a portion of the pre-filter box (outside aquarium) until water begins to drain to the main filter below.

Start siphon. Add more water directly to the sump if the sump does not fill with enough water to cover the return pump.

Start pump and protein skimmer once the pump is covered with water and is completely submerged. Continue adding water to sump until the water line mark is reached.

Adjust the black air valve leading to the venturi valves on protein skimmer. System is now operational.

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