Eye Problem Prevention
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Dog Eye Exam Proper eye care is an important part of taking care of your pet. It's easy, doesn't take much time, and there is very little up-front investment.

Apply Protective Ophthalmic Ointment under the top eyelid before you bathe your pet or treat his head with insecticides. This sterile, petroleum-based product protects sensitive eyes from irritating and potentially harmful chemicals and detergents found in many soaps and shampoos.

Trim hair away from eyes. Scratches to the cornea (the clear membrane across the surface of the eye) can result from contact with hair. Use only a blunt-nosed scissors, cutting parallel to the edge of the eyelid.

Keep eyes clear of mucus at all times. Infections of the eyes are often caused by bacteria that overgrows on mucus. Use a sterile eyewash like Eye Clens® Eye Wash, to keep the area around your dog's eye clean.

Show Eyes Clean unsightly tear stains using a liquid tear stain remover or treated pad. (Show Eyes® Solution and Show Eyes® Pads are the same formula; choose the form that works best for you).

When in the car, roll up the window part way. Dogs that are to ride with their heads out the window often get foreign particles lodged in their eyes which can lead to infections.

Keep red, dry eyes moist with eye drops. Allergies can dry out eyes and make them red. A sterile, buffered, eyewash such as Eye Clens® Eye Wash Solution, lubricates eyes and brings relief. Also use these drops to help wash away dust particles in the eye.

Because your pet's eyes are so important, consult your veterinarian if you suspect any type of eye infection or problem.

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